Congressman Paul Ryan: It’s a fiscal Frankenstein

Or is that Fronkonsteen? This is by far and away the best explanation Congressman Paul Ryan has given on why this Health Care Bill will become a fiscal nightmare for us, our children and grandchildren.

As Ryan explains to the Politico, you can’t rob from Peter, Kathy, Kim and Rob to pay Paul and call it “paid for”. Three heists in one bill and one slight of hand. Politico objects toward the end, but, Paul puts down that insurrection. Well worth watching.

Very nice, and the reason why this new entitlement must be stopped. Add this bad boy to social security and Medicare and our kids are screwed. In the words of Biden this is a “big F’ing deal.”

Maybe the way we fight the fiscal Frankenstein is with one of our own. Ha!


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  1. donh
    donh says:

    I Worry that   Dr Frankenstein has a bunch of experiments that will be brought out of the classified  dungeons  of government after the  socialist party shores up its control of medicine . Drive out all the moral religeos ethics standing in their way and let the Cloning and secret experiments  begin. Pick and choose designer genes . How about scales instead of skin?  Human DNA spliced with the DNA of snakes .  Man transformed from a hot to  heartless cold blooded species born in the image of the Devil.  ….evolution necessary    to survive the  global warming brought to us by our own damnation. …….Ah yes the cult of  socialism finally achieving its World Utopia somewhere over the hell hole……

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