Congressman Anthony Weiner to Congressman Mike Kelly: That real world experience thing is getting old

What would you expect from a guy who got “snotty” with Megyn Kelly on the death tax? I’ll tell you what you would expect … Weiner got snotty with Congressman elect Mike Kelly (R, PA) … demeaning his real world experience. Another example of why these Democrats are now on the outside looking in.

This firecracker of a panel is discussing ways to bring government spending under control and the two Democrats, Weiner and Wasserman Schultz challenge the Republicans Kelly and Bachmann to tackle the deficit. But Kelly and Bachmann don’t back off or down, instead they attack.

NOTE: The fireworks start at the 2:00 mark where Kelly reminds the Democrats that as a private businessman, he lives in the “real world” where people can only have what they can afford. Weiner’s response is priceless, and the fuse is lit. Keep an eye out for the eye roll. “This real stuff is going to get really old. This is serious business here.”


Kelly’s point is spot on. For too long Washington politicians have acted as if the money will never stop flowing for any program they can dream up, ostensibly for the good of the people, but in most cases for the good of their re-election. So when Kelly says he comes from the real world where you can only buy what you can afford, he’s on the money, so to speak. It’s Weiner who can’t handle the truth. What scares Weiner most though is that the American people no longer are buying into his scare tactics, and it’s up to Republicans to stand strong here.

Finally, and most importantly, don’t forget that these are serious times. In the 1990s, America was able to fool itself into believing that we had reached the end of history, that the tough decisions were mostly behind us, and that progress and prosperity were mostly inevitable.

We know better now. The country is on the verge of bankruptcy, the federal government is at a low point in terms of popular legitimacy, and not just Congress, but the entire political class, is on probation.

“Don’t blow it” is fairly unspecific advice, but it’s important here. Don’t be distracted by the many, many things that seem important in Washington but that don’t really matter.

This last advice is probably the most important. We live in perilous times, and they demand a self-discipline and seriousness of purpose that has been missing from those who have governed us in recent years.

Rise to the occasion on the big things, and the little ones will take care of themselves. Drop the ball on the big things, and it won’t matter how tactically clever your political position is.

So, yeah, don’t blow it.

There’s more there from Glenn Reynolds, and I would suggest you read it all, as Professor Reynolds outlines the six things the new Republican Congress must do to stay true to their principles.

UPDATE: For your amusement … more Weiner “snottyness”


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  1. Erik Blazynski
    Erik Blazynski says:

    "Us vs. the real world" ????  Did I hear this guy correctly? Is he saying that the battle is "us vs. the real world" And then the "real world" is the nut job Michelle Bachmann? We are just so incredibly screwed.

    In video number 2, they are both total idiots. Him for his moronic stance and her for he inability to debunk this guy's BS. He is correct about the health care thing that Obama gave up but this was clearly by design, he just happens to capitulate where the compromise is a give away to the insurance companies, oh what a coincidence. Yet she glosses right over this and rather than point out the corruption in the system they just pretend to fight about some other BS. If I thought these people were more talented as actors I would think that this whole things is scripted.

  2. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    The right better stop with the sound bites of real world.  It gives the left the opportunity to jump in before the real meat of the comment is spoken.  Try the Jersey Gov's approach.  "It is irresponsible to spend money that we do not have." or  "The answer is to spend ALOT less".  or "Most taxpayers are not millionaires and they are tapped out".  Jump on the Health care plan and say – "It is unconstitutional to mandate that everyone HAS to buy it." or "If they are over 20 ,they are not children."

  3. JollyRoger
    JollyRoger says:

    The ruling class work overtime to overwhelm us with too many details, and then they vacation for months at our expense while telling us that they're public servants!  We need to take the lead out of their pencils before they even get around to writing these 2,000+ page documents… We need these morons out picking up trash and doing community service around DC, and basically exhausted like we are, before they ever actually touch pen to paper.  No one in the private sector could treat someone the way Weiner treated Megyn Kelly…  Jim can't even say, "Amen brother" without some left-nut taking offense!  We need to hold our ruling class to the highest standard of all. zero tolerance, no excuses, drug testing, confiscatory taxation…

  4. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I find it very apropos that Anthony Weiner has become the de facto spokesman for the Democrat Party.  Kind of a new Joe Isuzu….

  5. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:

    Never has one of the faces of the Democrat Party been more accurately named. He appeals to the Keith Ogreman/Rachel Madcow cult, but pretty much disgusts every normal person.

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