Come on Bill, They’re Not Taking Everything

Once again rare insight into the mind of a liberal. As I have said before, they become more bold as we near the finish line. O’Reilly lock horns on whether the Obama plan is a tax cut or redistribution of wealth. Clearly even Ferraro understands that its wealth redistribution. Ironically, that’s why she turns to the bible to cover for the Messiah, unfortunately she doesn’t know the passage herself (which refers to personal responsibility) and finally ends with the line of the night. “Bill, its not like they’re taking everything.”. Great … that’s what we’ve come to, thankful our government hasn’t taken everything.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Dear God! Is this woman serious? I should be thankful that they are not planning to take everything?!? So rather than deny it, she uses the Bible to misdirect, doesn't deny anything, and ends up telling it could be worse.

    Can she really be that ignorant? (I guess that is a pretty rhetorical question)

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