Colion Noir interview with Cam Edwards on gun control (Video)

Worth eight minutes of your time. Here’s the basic question … there are guns all over the United States, in every city and every suburb. Why do certain areas within cities like Chicago have extreme issues with gun violence, when other communities within the United States do not have as big of an issue, or virtually no issue at all?

As I have said before, you can not compare cities using crime statistics since there are too many variables involved, but when looking at cities like Washington, D.C. and Chicago, Ill., it is fair to as why “illegal” guns are “flowing” into certain communities in those cities. Why there is such a (mostly) gang-associated culture of violence?

That is a hard problem to solve, too hard of a problem for liberals, many Democrats and the anti-gun crowd … so they are taking the easy “see, we did something” route instead of dealing with the actual problem. Not one piece of legislation being proposed or passed in state houses or in Congress will solve the issue.


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  1. JBS
    JBS says:

    I did a quick search online: the liberals are tearing this guy up. So, he must be getting under their skin. Thin, liberal skin.
    He has a lot to say that is positive. Addressing the president for his sound-bite-de-jour is good; laying gun violence at the feet of liberals is better.
    Why are heavily minority inner-cities rife with gun violence? Hmmmmm. What is the Rap music scene like? What is the message there? Why do gangs want to control territory? Drugs.
    What is the overlying problem in inner-cities? Drugs. Living large and dying small. Drugs says it all. If there is no market for drugs, what is the bother?
    And, the predator/prey model. There are a lot of people receiving a lot of government services and an awful lot of idle time . . . Yus sup, Homie? You lookin’?

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    The problem liberals are having with this guy is two-fold. ?He’s black and he’s articulate. ?Liberals cannot handle people like this. ?They don’t fit into the little box that these snobs want all of their black people to stay in. ?Colion is also a very bright black man who obviously knows the real truth behind the liberal’s war called ‘gun control’. ?He knows that this war isn’t about guns, it’s about control, and liberals have to be in control at all times. ?It’s great to see more people like Colion standing up against the arrogance of the liberal blowhards that pass for those “feeling and caring” democrats who’ve been fighting against our Constitution and the Republic it stands for for a very long time. ?With brave patriots like Mr. Noir standing up for his God given freedoms we all stand a much better chance of protecting our liberties against the anti-American left in America. ? ? ??

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