Coakley union thug: Get out of here you Nazis!

Priceless. I was not going to post again until after the result are in, but this video courtesy Real Clear Politics is awesome. This is what the Democrat party is all about now. Out of state union thugs telling people to “get the f%$# outta here.”

New York union thugs hanging out and providing security for Coakley campaign staffers. It’s a violation of my civil rights! These thugs are pathetic. Unfortunately, we do not have the video leading up to this encounter at the front door to one of Martha Coakley’s campaign offices. I really would like to see what lead up to this.


Hat tips to Feed your ADHD and Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.

So, who are these foul-mouthed idiots? Will you come forward and complain to the police? File charges because your civil rights were violated? Come on! Bring it on!

Do you have any idea how stupid you look?

This is an example of how Democrats and liberals treat people. Maybe not all Democrats – but these are the representatives who are working for politicians and supporting them during the never-ending campaign cycle.

Go now … and hang your heads in shame.

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