CNN poll: Obama down … it must be racism.

Buried  in this week’s CNN poll, the one that reveals, “The One”, would be voted out of office if the election were held today, is a breakdown of voter preference by race. White’s now prefer a new president by better than 60%. Since whites make up the majority of voters in this country, and since Obama could not get reelected without the “white vote”, it seems significant, but personally, I find it absurd.

I am not sure why this question is even posed. But even in it’s basest form, if Americans do not like the direction this President is taking, (his tripling of the debt in 10 years and his doubling of the deficit, his push for nationalizing health care, control of energy use, and an ever increasing encroachment into the lives of everyday Americans), it’s not terribly surprising that the poll would reveal results like this.

That would be the proper analysis. But not at CNN, where David Gergen seems to find a more insidious motive behind the poll numbers.


As Michelle would say, for folks on the left, the answer is always raaaaaaaacist!

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Was that David "Ted Kennedy's Seat" Gergen?


    The word "putz" is insufficient to the task of describing this shill.

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