Clinton and Begala to the Tea Party folks: You’re scary dangerous

Good thing Tony Blankley pushed back on CNN. Lord knows Wolf of the Clinton New Network wouldn’t. And in truth I find what the President had to say was disgusting too. As I have said before, it’s “by any means necessary” with this crowd.

First there’s Clinton skillfully trying to leave an impression that Republicans and talk show hosts are responsible for whipping Tea Party folk into a dangerous frenzy … after all, he points out, all of the threats are coming from conservatives toward Democrats. Not to mention racists.


Time for the push back from Tony Blankley. Paul Begala ignores Blankley and asserts the violence is coming from the right. Tony will have none of that. CNN”s Gloria Borger steps in to back up Begala and Tony pushes back harder. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.


As Tony said … the violence is all too often on the left.

Remember Kenneth Gladney, or the threats again Eric Cantor, or, remember Joe Stack, the anti-capitalist who flew into the Texas IRS building, or John Bedell, the Democrat who went after the Pentagon, or the Socialist James Van Brunn who went after the Holocaust Museum in DC?  How about the Democrats Gloria Borger who told America our soldiers were terrorizing women in the dead of night John Kerry), or compared them to Pol Pot (Dick Durbin), and told us the war was lost (Harry Reid) or compared Bush to nazis?

Hey, I’m just getting started.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    These white elistist liberals are true COWARDS. They hate freedom , liberty and the people who resist their slavery. Rather than be at risk and put their own hatred into violant criminal acts, these barbaric  elites hope to put an evil spirit into their   rank and file pawns.  Fill the minorities and drugged up street punk leftists    with such rage   for "racists" that THEY will execute    murder that criminal politicians are too wimpy to kill by means of their own hands. Politicians like Bill Clinton should be charged for incitement to riot the same as provacateurs like Hal Turner.

  2. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Good grief, is former President Bill Clinton and Paul Begala SCARED of those of us who are deeply concerned about the course of the direction the USA is heading, that is we who are in the tea party movement? If the Democrats and the liberals NEED TO BE SCARED it is that WE THE PEOPLE who are doing PUSHBACK in order to TAKE BACK AMERICA!

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    You could (and many do) bring your children or your grandparents to a Tea Party demonstration, and never have a concern about them.  You don't even have to worry about litter!


    Now compare that to a typical lefty demonstration, with perverts, anarchists and union thugs permeating the area, violence, windows smashing and police in riot gear.  You would be afraid for your own welfare, never mind your loved ones!


    Either these guys are doing their imitation of Jozef Goebbels, i.e. repeating a lie often enough to make it the truth (or hoping so), or they are the biggest wimps evah!  Or both….


    When people fear the government, you have tyranny.  When the government fears the people, you have liberty!

  4. weregettinghosed
    weregettinghosed says:

    What do we expect coming from Clinton? He allowed terrorism to escalate, hiding his head in the sand ( or so we hope to think) and his wife is part of the Now DC crowd – so did we expect anything different from him? I didn't.

    The media is a small group of naive followers who run around with their nosed up the back sides of anything that has legs. Just rooting around hoping to sniff something nasty out. You never find anything enlightening in dark places nor do you find anything that smells anything better than something dead or dying. This is what they call news. This is what we call crap reporting – it not even reporting.  So why do we even care? This media hasn't gone to the dogs, its been with them all along, so expect what you hear. If you bed down with dogs your going to get up with fleas and the media is invested! I say if you see the media coming at you run.

    If you want the truth get out on the streets and listen, if you want to hear the truth listen to unbiased commentators like Jim who give you facts with no bias. You have to look at facts look at truth and listen to We the People, it is all about us now, it is about how we will save and take back what is ours. The Constitution clearly outlines what is our rights and what is the governments and we have most rights over them – so it is high time some one tells the government they are way over bounds and we the people are not a bunch of crazy terrorist right wingers. We the People just woke up and discover someone stole the cookie jar from us – and we want it back – its ours!

    Mr Clinton – go tell Hillary to go learn to bake her own cookies – stop stealing ours, what is ours is ours and there is no negotiations, we want it all back! Every last liberty, every last right – every last bit!!

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