Chris Christie to Dan Malloy: I got the job done. How ’bout you? Video

Fresh off his “huggable” performance on Meet The Press, Christie was in rare form this morning on the Morning Joe. Maybe rare is the wrong term? How about typically blunt form. Joe Scarborough brings up that he had just spent some time with Mika talking to CT Governor Dan Malloy and Christie was off and running … and it all began with a laugh, as in who’s laughing now.

This is a feud that began months ago with Malloy, calling Christie “bombastic”. Christie countered with telling Malloy to read the “owners manual”, and on it went. So with Christie landing major concessions from public sector workers, and Malloy getting the Rockefeller salute from Connecticut unions on concessions, well, Christie jus couldn’t resist.

Make sure you stay for Mika’s question on “Will you raise taxes?” and “Why not?” Too much.


Christie can crow, given his victory in his “liberal” legislature to get a new public employee compensation package last week. This on top of a property tax cap, with changes in education coming soon.

Meanwhile his Connecticut counterpart’s conciliatory approach has netted Malloy a no deal from labor, prospects of layoffs and/or higher property taxes.

Maybe its me … but after Malloy’s tough stance on … umm … New Jersey’s Governor, Christie has a right to thump his chest.

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  1. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    We still need a Chris Christie here in CT.? Unfortunately, our greatest import is crippling depression….and pretty soon our main industry will be unemployment.
    Malloy shot off his mouth and Christie deserves to have a hearty laugh over the unions sticking it to the CT gov.? It doesn’t help CT any, but it’s nice to know that I didn’t vote for this jerk and that he and the dems are going to own the CT economy (just like Obama &? his dems own the US economy)…
    But at least we’re not Detroit…

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Malloy and ?bama have something in common with this: ineffectual, behind-the-scenes (or closed doors) diplomacy that just blows up in their faces.
    Unfortunately, the results of this incompetence affects us all.

  3. Todd from Farmington
    Todd from Farmington says:

    Christie can hit major league pitching, while our governor would have a difficult time getting a hit in beer league slow pitch softball game.

  4. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I have always appreciated men or women with a huge ego that can back up their claims. They’ve earned it. I have always laughed at those with a huge ego and NOTHING to back up their claims.

  5. Don Lombardo
    Don Lombardo says:

    Christie is a problem solver, Malloy is a status quo – keep the gravey train rolling – liberal phony.?

  6. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    @Todd, I think Obama’s? *mom jeans* are sized to infinity and beyond.? Just like his ego.

  7. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    I don’t know how to size up Obama’s ego, but his capabilities are?like his pants size.
    Long on reach….Narrow in breadth!

  8. Todd from Farmington
    Todd from Farmington says:

    @winnie and GdavidH,
    Spot on!? Have you both noticed how testy Obama has become lately?? His hubris, and arrogance has become even more evident as his “economic” numbers keep coming in.
    This what happens America when you elect a guy and do not vet him.? The media asked no hard questions of him in 2008, the sheeple went to the polls and voted for this.? Funny, a lot of the same sheeple voted for the wrong guy in CT last Nov.? You got what you wanted.? How about a big steaming cup of BS?? How does it taste?? YUM!

  9. Keith
    Keith says:

    Dear Governor Malloy,

    As we celebrate our Independence Day and the Constitution of the United States of America, I want to thank you for giving the people of Connecticut something to celebrate as well; our new taxes. Thank you for taxing an, already, overtaxed population. The citizens of Connecticut are proud to take on this challenge. Our Government has stolen our money and spent it frivolously over the last couple of years. And when the state, again, runs out of money because the people managing it are like a ten year old with a twenty dollar bill who just wants to buy candy, you come to us AGAIN, to take more money from us….

  10. Keith
    Keith says:

    Money that we work extremely hard for, harder than you or the money hungry people in Hartford can ever imagine. Money that should go to our children, in our homes, you have taken right out of our wallets, and given it to somebody else. This state has lost over 100,000 private jobs in the last year, and 0 state jobs. If the State?s economy isn?t growing, then why is the government growing? Do you think more taxes will bring or keep business in Connecticut? Or will they move to New York or New Jersey? Where they are actually cutting taxes because they know that taxing DOES NOT WORK. Just look at Detroit. Detroit was once a prosperous city and it was destroyed by over taxing its people. What will you do next when you come to realize that these taxes haven?t worked? Will you once again come to the people of Connecticut and demand more…

  11. Keith
    Keith says:

    money? Be careful Governor, The next time you need more money, there might not be enough people left in Connecticut to tax. Happy Fourth of July Governor and do me a favor. Go read the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States of America. Do those documents, the ones we are celebrating, sound anything like what is being done to the ?People? today?


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