Chris Christie teaches teacher a thing or two about behavior UPDATE: more video

I’ll take one of these please. Another New Jersey teacher tries to take on Chris Christie and learns a thing or two about decorum. Watch the video while you listen and you tell me, is this really a teacher or a 1st grade student? Perhaps she’s been around kids a little too long.It starts out, I thought, civilly, and then her question quickly turns into a condemnation of Governor Christie. The subject is the pay freeze that teachers were asked to take for one year and a 1.5% contribution to health care. The teacher drones on about struggling to pay bills and pay for books and what a mean man Chris Christie is.

Watch as Chris Christie listens patiently and then gets tough when the teachers begins to roll her head and apparently her eyes and … well … Christie had had enough. Thanks to AP at Hot Air for picking this up.


AP’s take is actually a very good one. He points out, correctly I think, that there’s a lot of RINO in Christie, but his no nonsense attitude gives him the lattitude to be less than a “Tea Party” model.

Center-right Republicans aren’t “supposed” to be fierce and pugnacious; they’re supposed to be milquetoasts, hesitant about which way to go on issues and willing to broker “six of one, half a dozen of the other” compromises to extricate themselves. This is a guy who, partly through force of personality, will end up making moderate stances on things like immigration more respectable to base voters.

Am I to enamored with this guy? Ummmm, nope.

UPDATE: At risk of turning the blog into the Chris Christie home page. AP also points out another video from the Republican Governor’s Association about the resurrection of the Republican Party, featuring ….. ta da … Chris Christie! It’s in the featured video section on the right. It’s great.

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  1. NH-Jim
    NH-Jim says:

    No teleprompter needed here.  Concise and factual.

    Aside from that, since when did teachers become holier-than-thou, better than the rest of us working slobs?  Seriously, will someone knock the pedestal out from under these whiners?  Just because they educate our children makes them elite?  Teachers in the Northeast, especially, get paid handsomely with great benefits.  It is time that us minions in the private sector open our books and tax forms and reveal a great deal of reality to them.

  2. djt
    djt says:

    Of course, this lone, hideously out of line and uninformed teacher that christie rightly puts in her place is now speaking for ALL the teachers in the northeast. What power she has!!!!!! This one ill mannered woman is emblematic of the whining, out of touch, elitist educators, looking down their noses at the minions that pay their salary!

    Please, can't she just speak for herself, and be wrong in so many ways, and not represent thousands of others?

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I watched this a couple of times, and I can only conclude that the teacher had her head handed to her.  Clearly, she knew little except what talking points the union fed her, and paid the price for her union inspired ignorance.  Christie made quick work of her.


    Christie was a marvel.  Sort of the guy that Øbama pretends to be and wishes he was.  As NH-Jim noted, no teleprompters necessary.  Christie knew his subject inside and out, as a truly hands on leader must.  We've seen how Øbama flails when his teleprompter malfunctions, or when he evades his handlers and starts rambling off on his own.  And why he has to be fed questions beforehand in press conferences.  Christie picked up the ball and took off running with a question that clearly was not prescreened.


    Kudos to him, shame on the teacher.  I hope she teaches gym or something….

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