Chicago teacher’s union leader – “Rich, white people” part of the education system’s problems

Staying classy! Karen Lewis, the president of the Chicago Teacher’s Union also claims she was “a girl who could throw a perfect slider” when she was growing up. OK, I don’t believe that for a second, but we do know she believes the rich, white people in Chicago are a problem for the cities school system.

Along with complaining about the lack of funding for the Chicago school system – dreaming of having an additional $900 million in funding per year from taxpayers – she also is complaining about poverty and throws the race card. My emphasis in bold.

And, when are we going to address the elephant in the room? When will there be an honest conversation about the poverty, racism and inequality that hinders the delivery of a quality education product in our school system? When will we address the fact that rich, white people, think they know what’s in the best interest of children of African Americans and Latinos—no matter what the parent’s income or education level. And, when did all of these venture capitalists become so interested in the lives of minority students in the first place? There is something about these folks who love the kids but hate the parents. There’s something about these folks who use little black and brown children as stage props at one press conference while announcing they want to fire, layoff or lock up their parents at another press conference.

“I know no one likes to talk about race, especially since so many people believe we are living in postracial America–even though Chicago remains the most segregated city in the United States. There is nothing wrong about dreaming that everyone is equal; that all playing fields are even; and that all anyone needs to succeed is equal opportunity to get ahead—but we have to work on this together to make this happen.

  • Talk about the dreams of our children? Check.
  • Complain about funding and rich people not paying their fair share? Check.
  • Complain about racism? Check.
  • Complain about other people in leadership stopping the union from doing the “good work” they want to do? Check.

The entire speech is posted online as a PDF document.

Nobody is willing to provide the press information on how much Lewis makes in salary, benefits and retirement income from the city and the union.

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  1. SeeingRed
    SeeingRed says:

    This has come down to its finest points now; it is a war.? There is an ‘us’ and there is a ‘them’.?

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    The academicians (benefit of the doubt time for many teachers) and the unions that represent them, have been in almost exclusive control of the public schools for decades, yet the schools continue to decline, both in infrastructure and teaching outcomes.?? It isn’t money, as some of the most expensive school districts can run up to $18K/student (CNN; Most parochial schools make due with considerably less (money the parents come up with on top of the cost of public school education).? The real deciding factor is parental involvement.
    On a slight side note, Lewis is demanding to know what the Chicago school chief’s salary is while hypocritically refusing to reveal her own (…..

  3. Gary J
    Gary J says:

    The race card is worn out in my book,back in the 60’s it worked. Each time I hear it now my body and ears shut down. Brain stops functioning. Yes there are those that are bigots. you can’t outlaw dumb. It’s time people stopped relying on “poor me” ……………………

  4. kateinmaine
    kateinmaine says:

    will comment on the obvious–she wasn’t tossing sliders–she goes for full-scale burgers.? that said, i wonder if she’s considered that the ‘rich white people’ aren’t the ones bringing color into the game–they’re only worried about having educated citizens and workers available to society when it’s their turn to take up the burden.? given that they are the successful, productive members of society at present, one might argue that they DO know what’s best–been there, done that.? clearly, the teachers are too busy playing politics and trying to nab larger slices of the shrinking pie to be concerned about that.?? they did?the same ?for the parents of the ‘little black and brown children’–the ones getting fired, layed off and locked up–?and are dedicated to doing it for the next generation, too.?? thank _______ (insert your preferred deity or gov’t entity) for union trough tenured teachers.

  5. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:

    You can put lipstick on a racist Chicago teachers union president, but it’s still a pig.

  6. TheHole
    TheHole says:

    What happened to the interest in the education of future Americans instead of?African-Americans or Latinos or Whites or Chinese or European? ? Aren’t we all supposed to be in this together?? Working together to ensure our future freedom.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      Unfortunately, there are now “preferred minorities” played against the less fortunate groups, not just plain old Americans anymore.

      • kateinmaine
        kateinmaine says:

        yes–asians and originals get left out, along with hybrids.? i remember a time when hyphens were limited to brits and anglophiles.? or maybe i just read about it. . .? remember reading?? ah, those were the days. . .

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