Change we can believe in … or else

From Hot Air … I think this picture says it all. WHPS Gibbs says he’s seen a lot of heat on both sides … but the thugery is only on one side. From the Denver Post today.

The well dressed elderly woman assaulted by HopenChangy woman (it’s on her T-Shirt) who won’t give her name to the Post. Of course not. My favorite part … the Obama poster in the background. Change we can believe in … or else! Click to enlarge.

Denver Post protest

Oh, and notice which side has the preprinted signs. Astro-Turf!

And while we are at it … let’s revisit, shall we, the SEIU union thugs who beat up the young African American conservative. It turns out … they also took some shots at a woman in the crowd taping the whole thing. Caution … the union member uses less than clean language.


And while we are at it … here’s video from today’s rally in St Louis in support of the young man who was beaten by these union thugs. Hot Air has nice commentary here.


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  1. donh
    donh says:

    One change that I can believe in is that racist government affirmative action policies will be applied to the rationing of service under government controlled healthcare. The bureaucrat sitting on the death panel deciding who gets to live and die will certainly know what your race is. If a black and white person need the same proceedure for which there are limited funds , a black patient has an unfair advantage. The black person will be due treatment even if all other test factors favor the white person because of discriminations that took place 40+ years ago. The black patient will get the care and the typical white grandmother will get a comfort pill as she departs on her government appointed ice flow.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    So the Obamaturfers have to be organized and sent out as a "counter demonstration", and use union thug violence to make their prewritten points, while the anti socialized medicine crowd merely needs to hear what is in the proposed bill to mount a demonstration?


    Now which do you think is really organized into a mob?  Which one needs marching orders?  Which one has nifty purple suits?  Which one needs bullhorns to drown out opinion that they can't counter with simple facts (like the actual text of the bill?)  Which one needs violence?  Which one will get AG Holder's blessing and subsequent dismissal of charges?


    Welcome to the modern day beer hall putsch.

  3. Jim Vicevich
    Jim Vicevich says:

    @don H … This is not about race, I can assure you. This is about crummy health care that will affect all of us, all  races. Don't be diverted from the deal. We all must, all brothers and sisters, join together to stop this bad plan that will cost us care.

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