Census marketing – Get YOUR fair share from the federal government!

Malkin’s syndicated column today hits on my point about the Census Bureau’s semi-official slogan … fill out the census so your community gets their fair share.

Gotta ensure you’re in the front of the line to feed from the federal government’s teat, so fill out the census you goofball! As a reminder, one of my points in Elections have consequences on March 22, which covered the what-can-my-government-do-for-me attitude  of the “I want mine” generation, referred to the ingenious marketing campaign that works so well for the liberal left’s target audience – those dependent on government.

From Malkin, with my emphasis in bold

The electoral stakes are high. Some $400 billion in federal funding and, most importantly, the apportionment of congressional seats are up for grabs. Instead of straightforward enumeration of the American population, Obama and the left’s identity politics-mongers are turning the $1 billion, taxpayer-subsidized census public relations drive into a government preferences lobbying bonanza.

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