CBS poll showing strong support for public unions unmasked

And unmasked by their own numbers. I’ve included the CBS report from last night’s newscast as well. Make special note of CBS making special note that those evil corporations helped fund the opposition. But Ed Morrissey does a great job of unmasking the actual bias behind the poll. Have at it my little mobstas.

First here’s the CBS report which makes special note that while there are some people who may not want to pay more in taxes, they may be being led astray by big corporations … because unbelievably … most people don’t mind paying more taxes if it means public sector unions can live more comfortably than themselves. Christie’s comment at the end is classic.

But Ed Morrissey does a great job drilling into the poll numbers and confirming what you know in your heart … only a public sector employee (or Democrat) could possible prefer paying higher taxes to fund pensions people in the private sector can’t hope to ever have.

First, the partisan split in the sample gave a ten-point advantage to Democrats.  Their sample for this poll had a D/R/I split of 36/26/31, an absurd sample for political polling.  In December, Rasmussen’s general-population survey put Republicans ahead, 36.0% to 34.7% for Democrats.

And then he adds this.

Finally, 25% of respondents are either public employees or share a household with a public employee.  Federal employees comprise less than 2% of the workforce at around 2 million.  Overall, the US has 22.22 million government employees out of an employed workforce of 130.27 million, according to the Current Employment Statistics survey at the BLS.  Government employment accounts for 17% of all workers, so a sample consisting of 25% public-sector households for a survey of adults (not registered voters) seems a little off.

You do have to wonder if the wizards at CBS thought they could actually get away with this? But why wonder, right Chris?

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  1. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    hahahahaaaa Katie Couric for governor of NJ…Christie cracks me up!

    The only thing that could have made this poll worse?  CBS depicting the results in pictograph form…little pictures for the fools who eat this up as unbiased and a true representation of how the public stands on this issue.  CBS obviously chose participants very carefully to affect the outcome of the poll.

    By the way, do we know what questions were asked of the people who were surveyed, or are those under lock & key?  And what was the margin of error?

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Frank Lutz (check the name) was on the Today show (after I changed the station from CBS in disgust) and demonstrated how the numbers swing wildly with the choice of words  in the questions.


    Lies, damn lies, and CBS/NYTimes polls…

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