Another Neil Cavuto moment: There’s no more money

If Neil is anything, he is consistent. He hated TARP and railed against it. He hated the bailout, and railed against that. And as the spending piled up, he pushed back with, “It is, it’s taxpayer’s money.” Now we can add this one to our growing Cavuto file.

Here Neil takes on the head of the Utility Workers of America, Stewart Acuff. Mr Acuff had just finished saying if you just give union workers a raise, with stimulus money of course, they will spend more and boost the economy.

Neil tries desperately to get his union friend to understand that all you are doing is taking money from other people and transferring, not creating wealth or jobs. We pick it up where Neil’s desperation turns into verbal frustration.

It is a classic Neil Cavuto moment.


For those of you who listen, it is an economic principle I have been harping on for years. But like Neil, to no avail.

This calls for a Cavuto flashback.


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