Cavuto schools O’Reilly on Obamanomics: There is no free market

Too much. Neil Cavuto from FBN (which if you do not have  ….DEMAND IT … tried desperately to explain to Bill O’Reilly, why controlling the pay of even those companies taking bailout money, is just a bad idea. It’s a slippery slope. O’Reilly, at his populist best, scoffs. But there is a turning point about midway through. The money line … Bill, there is no free market. Watch all the way through and he will convince you too.


To my former WFSB colleague’s credit, he tells Neil, he has a point. Indeed.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    That last bite of Cavuto " Its a cook book Bill" . I think Cavuto is referring to the classic Twilightzone episode "To Serve Man"…. .…..where a superior race of alien beings arrive on earth with a book in their hand that is titled  " To Serve man". The aliens begin transforming the Earth into a Utopean paradise . Horror is realized when a woman translates the book and discovers the title "To Serve Man" is a cook book.  All the help given to mankand by the aliens was just fattening up their food supply. It is perhaps the most profound episode of this well written series.  Audacity of Hope is a similar cook book recipie on how to serve mankind on a silver platter to the dinner table of fascist dictatorship.

  2. georgeofwindsor
    georgeofwindsor says:

    Donh is Absolutely Right.  And I emailed Jim about a half hour ago with the same info, hoping he would add this to his discussion on today's show, because it is such a good Metaphor for what is happening and Cavuto knows it!   Cavuto is right on the button!

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