Cavuto and “The Huckstas” – Selling the Obama Plan

You all know these guys are my favortites. I love the huckstas. And Cavuto has two of the best on Billy “Mighty Putty” Mays and Anthony “Sully” Sullivan … and Cavuto gives Mays the chance the huckster for the “Huckster in Chief”. Great stuff.


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Huckstas!  Weren't they formerly called spin doctors?

    Did anyone besides me see Robert Gibbs on the CBS morning show reading his answers from, dare I say, a teleprompter,  to the interviewer?  It was obvious in the way his eyes focused on a single point and swept back and forth.   Two implications: 1) he didn't know the answers to the questions, and 2) in order to write the answers, he had to know the questions beforehand.

    Is this the hallmark of the Obambi administration, getting all the answers ahead of time to look smart, but still having to read them to get them right?

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