Cato Institute and Andrew McCarthy on Monday’s show – Update: Podcast

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the Andrew McCarthy podcast. We talked with him about the Holder Justice Department’s approach to terrorist prosecution. It will anger you I am sure.

And here’s the link to the Cato Interview with Michael Cannon interview at Cato. Mike explains while yes, health care costs, your costs will go up, and access will be rationed.

Cato’s Michael Cannon and National Review’s Andrew McCarthy join us tomorrow.

9:35 AM: Michael Cannon- Cato Institute’s director of health policy studies. We’ll talk Health Care and debate the latest talking points (Cong. Courtney has them) on the Pelosi Health Care plan. And no, the Dem talking points are wrong and yes, Pelosi/Obamacare will cost more … see here. Once again we did the research and read the bill and once again it seems as if your local Congressperson’s staff did not. Shame.

10:05 AM: Andrew McCarthy joins us to talk about the White House’s stimulus “fuzzy math”, and a closer look at terrorist justice in the Obama Administration. You will be shocked.

Check out Mr McCarthy’s latest post here.

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