Catholics For Obama

Ed Morrissey over at HotAir blogged on this yesterday but it deserves attention here. It address two groups:

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United have been working overtime to mask Obama’s pro-abortion views. The groups have called him pro-life even though he supports unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy for any reason.In comments sent to today, Catholic League president Bill Donohue exposes the nexus between George Soros and two left-wing Catholic groups.

No matter where you stand on abortion something must be made abundantly clear. Catholic doctrine is clear. Life begins at conception. Period. End of story. I cannot speak for the Church, and I don’t. So I cannot say if you can be pro choice and Catholic. That is for the Archbishop. But you cannot be fooled into thinking that Catholic doctrine allows leeway on this subject. It does not. Any theologian who says you can, is not speaking for the Church.

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  1. Erik
    Erik says:

    we have way bigger issues than abortion. Anyone that votes with this as their biggest issue needs a 2×4 across the forehead.

  2. Michele Burford
    Michele Burford says:

    Jim — you may not be a Catholic, but you've got it 100% right. Thank you for stating it so clearly! These groups don't break away from the faith, but instead choose to lie to Catholics. I think they hope to gain more influence in that way.

    At 40 million babies aborted and still counting, I think this is the most important issue around. I mean, can you even wrap your head around that number? It just hurts to think about.

    Both Pope Benedict and the late John Paul made it clear that the abortion issue, as affecting vulnerable innocents, must predominate over other issues when Catholics are faced with competing values. The leadership from the Church is clear. I just wish they'd stop lying to us.

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