Catholic Church under fire once again

The Catholic church is once again under fire from House Bill 899.  In a letter received by a Knights of Columbus member from the Connecticut State council of Knights of Columbus dated April 13, 2009 , states that they are very concerned over House Bill 899.

The full context of the letter can be found here.

Bill 899  is of the same Judiciary Committee co-charimen [sic] who just a few short weeks ago tried to push through Bill 1098 which would of removed administrative authority from the Catholic Bishops and Priests.

This Bill would set the stage for legal attacks against any person, associating, business or church that does not accept and celebrate alternative sexual lifestyles.  The lawsuits that this bill authorizes would have serious financial consequences. states…

The values held by a vast majority of Connecticut’s citizens are being challenged right now at the State Capitol in Hartford.

In the next few weeks, members of the legislature will vote on a measure (Bill 899) that:

  • Allows the promotion of homosexuality and bisexuality in our schools
  • Allows Connecticut to condone homosexuality and bisexuality as state policy.
  • Allows the establishment of quotas and goals for the employment of homosexuals and bisexuals
  • Establishes members of the “gay community” as a privileged class in our state civil rights statutes

Bill 899 shreds our First Amendment protection of religious liberty.

Being a person of an alternate life style I personally find this to be offensive.  No more than I personally would force my lifestyle upon any person, I would not expect any church to be legally forced to break any of their doctrine or dogma on which their faith is based.

If you wish to let your Legislators know how you feel then pelase visit

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    One wonders how the Hispanic vote, the bulk of which is strongly Catholic, will view this.  Could the lefties be shooting themselves in the foot?

  2. artfil
    artfil says:

    The left complains about the phrase "Under God" in our Pledge of Alliegance or anything religious (except muslim of course) in government/public buildings… but now they wanna take over the Church. WTF?!

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