Obama: Bloom off the rose … continuuuuuuued

When you lose the left … what’s left? A couple of great bites but also some great insight from the left and right on the continued disenchantment with the young President, from Jack Cafferty and Charles Krauthammer. Read more

Uncle Sam decides to help Samoa

Last week, Steve did a post on the effects of the federal government’s recent requirement that businesses in American Samoa must pay employees the federal minimum wage.  In 2007, Chicken of the Sea closed it’s plant, laying off some 2000 employees, and in May of this year, Starkist announced that it will lay off between 600 and 800 employees.  Given the size of American Samoa, that’s a large amount of workers. Read more

White House “comes clean” on Sestak allegations

Friday afternoon, after most Americans left work early to begin their long Memorial Day weekend, the White House finally issued its long-awaited explanation on the Sestak matter.  Although the timing of the release is suspect, the facts disclosed are even more so.

Congressman Joe Sestak (D. Pa.) has maintained since at least February that the White House offered him a high ranking position in the administration if he would withdraw from the Democratic Senate primary election  in Pennsylvania.  Sestak was running against Arlen Specter (D. Pa.), the republican, turned democrat, who was Obama’s choice for that seat. 

But, Friday’s revelation from the White House casts even further doubt on what actually happened.  According to Robert Bauer, White House counsel, what actually took place was that former president Clinton, at the behest of White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, spoke with Sestak to determine if Sestak would be interested in an “alternative path to service”, and raised the possibility of an “uncompensated advisory board” position if Sestak would drop out of the race.  And, Sestak quickly confirmed that that, in fact. was what had really happened.

I don’t know about you, but, the White House’s “recitation” of the facts seems a bit odd.  Sestak’s original statement was that he was offered a high level job by the White House.  By the time the administration circled the wagons, it was an unpaid position on an advisory board.  We are also asked to believe that the White House actually thought that Sestak would give up a very good chance of becoming a United States Senator in exchange for a non-paying advisory board position offered by a former president.

Of course, those pesky details may not matter, as both versions of the story provide the predicate for a clear violation of federal law.  And, in that conclusion, I have some support.  Before the White House released its version of the events, David Axelrod, a senior White House advisor, said,

that offering a job in exchange for Mr. Sestak’s withdrawal would constitute a serious breach of the law.

Anyone think we’ll see a special prosecutor?

Carville to the DC elite: Hey if Louisiana were Nantucket you guys would be all over this

Actually James, they would have the hired help sucking it up with straws if they had to. Can’t say I disagree with anything James says here. If he keeps this up pretty soon Carville will reach folk hero status. Ta think? Read more

Chris Matthews tells Connecticut: I wouldn’t vote for Blumenthal

Hey, this is from the Democrats, democrat. The conversation starts over the latest Q poll and Matthews wonders why people in Connecticut support a “lier”. Matthews doesn’t buy the apology and can’t quite figure out why the polls show him with such a big lead. Me too. Read more

Dumbocrats Endorse Blumenlier

No surprise here I guess. The Democrats look past the character flaws of their chosen candidate and endorse the man with a glass jaw. Read more

Blumenthal: No apology and “Don’t impugn my service”. UPDATE: “Unaware” – Video

Actually, I think its just the opposite. It is he, I think, who impugns the service of other Vietnam veterans. But it is the classic case of smoke and mirrors and setting up the straw man. Oh, and get ready you vets for the second video here. Prepare to blow a lid or two. When asked if there would be an apology to the vets who did serve “in country”, the answer was no. Shameful. Read more

VIDEO: Blumenthal waxes poetically about his Vietnam Service

Great little piece of video. Richard Blumenthal clearly states he served in Vietnam. The money line comes at 40 seconds in. The video is dated March of 2008. Read more

Dumbocrats already looking for a new Connecticut Senate candidate?

The Connecticut Dumbocrats reportedly are not taking any chances and are already lining up a replacement for CT AG Richard Blumenthal. And why not? It’s what they do best. Let’s see. Their first choice couldn’t remember the truth … and their second choice stretched the truth. Now, reportedly,  their third choice is the very man who told all of us we could keep our insurance and our doctor if we passed the Health Care Bill … ummm … also untrue.

Here’s the scorecard on the Dumbocrats … or maybe we should call them. Pinnochiocrats. Read more

Some unique campaign promises

The approval rating of Congress seems to be at or near an all time low.  Americans are disgusted with the policies, the procedures and the apparent aloofness displayed by our elected officials on a daily basis.

Read more