Tennessee Basil … we hardly knew ye

Ahhh. It’s over. The Man who would stimulate the economy by planting grass in empty lots, and make everyone carry a gun or face a fine, why he even offered to be any state’s Governor if he could fix it, lost yesterday’s primary vote in Tennessee. Read more

A payoff, not a stimulus

Another great moment in Charles Krauthammer history. After Republicans pointed out yesterday the waste in the President’s porkapalooza stimulus bill (money for ant research) … Krauthammer couldn’t resist the opportunity to call it like he sees it and he sees with great clarity and very little political correctness. Read more

Palin to Obama: No conjones!

Cashews! Indeed. Sarah Palin praises Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for tackling illegal immigration. But Obama? Not so much. Read more

Cavuto to Obama: It isn’t we don’t like you … we just don’t believe you

Great analysis of Obama’s most recent poll numbers that continue sinking to new lows. If the One “oneders” why … Cavuto gives him a clue. Read more

Congressman Cummings asks the rich to help him out of the mess the Dems created.

No really. That’s what he said. That’s why I included the video to make sure you knew I wasn’t making this stuff up. Unbelievable. Read more

Rev C. L. Bryant: Run from tyranny, run from economic slavery

A number of listeners asked me to put up a separate post on the CL Bryant video so here is is. It’s a great video and part of an upcoming documentary. This former NAACP chapter President turned conservative activist says it all. Read more

Christie to Tapper: We’re just getting started

You either love this guy (if you believe in fiscal conservatism) or you hate him, right lefties? But I have rarely seen the New Jersey Governor not get a reaction. So this clip is for both of you. Plenty to love and plenty to hate. Read more

CK to the Left: You scream raaaaaacist the loudest when you are losing the argument

Indeed. Charles Krauthammer never fails to bring clarity to an argument, or rather, unfounded charges. Remember the Shirley Sherrod story exploded after the NAACP decided to label the Tea Party folks, like me, as racists, without proof and based on nothing more than wild accusations. But when you have lost the big government is the answer argument (proven by a foundering economy) then what other card can you play. Read more

Could states use federal health care funding to provide abortions?

Even though President Obama promised federal dollars would not be used to fund abortions, two states announced they will administer federal mandated high-risk plans through existing high-cost insurance pools. Plans offered through the pools include elective abortion coverage.

Read more

NAACP vs Tea Party: You’re racist vs You’re irrelevant

Not quite as good as the Kirsten Powers match, but still pretty good nonetheless. At issue in this Megyn Kelly debate, the NCAA resolution calling on the Tea Party to condemn the racist elements in its group. But as Tea party representative Phillip Dennis, it’s kind of hard to condemn something that does not exist. It’s the old, how long have you been beating your spouse conundrum. If you answer you have never done that, the headline becomes you deny beating your spouse. Pretty slick. Read more