Lefty press claims Obama can’t get angry because of racist right

This is too much … oh and yes … it’s also another media indictment of the “Tea Party”, and frankly this is starting to get a little old. Every time this President gets in trouble, which is often, the main stream media rides to the rescue with the charge of “raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist”. It begins with yesterday’s column in the WP by Jonathan Capehart … and concludes last night with an interview of Make Halperin of Time. Read more

Krauthammer on Gaza blockade and Israel’s options

A clear and concise opinion piece from Charles Krauthammer listing out the options Israel has had during the last 50 years.  Forward defense, then active defense and more recently with the blockade, passive defense. If none of these defensive approaches are acceptable, what’s left?

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Can’t musicians just play music? Sir Paul McCartney on GW Bush

He has every right to say what he wants, but why did Paul McCartney feel the need to announce – at a ceremony where he received the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Song – he was happy Bush was out of the White House?

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Andrea Mitchell to Israeli Ambassador – Can’t you shoot blanks?

I swear, if members in the media don’t start taking firearms classes before they comment again, I’m gunna just explode. Remember when Steve posted about a New York Assemblywoman who thought police should aim for the arm or leg when confronting an armed robber …. now another lefty wonders why Navy Seals can’t do the same thing, or better yet, shoot blanks. Read more

Memorial Day Open Post-UPDATE Video

Leave your Memorial Day comments and stories here. Time to remember the fallen folks. Never forget, Sgt. Felix DelGreco Jr (CTANG), LCPL Lawrence Philippon (USMC), and all of the others who died so that we may live free. You may insert links to your family and friends memorials as well. Read more

SEIU members: Are you proud your brethren terrorized a teenager?

I’m serious. Are you OK with the tactics the SEIU leadership – and 500 members – took when they headed into a residential area to “protest” at the home of Greg Baer, deputy general council for corporate law at Bank of America? They did not just protest. They surrounded the house, got on the porch, used bullhorns and started screaming. Pure intimidation.

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Matthews thinks BP executives should be executed or something like that

Actually I am not sure what he means. In last night’s segment Matthews had a couple lefty ecoguests on to discuss the BP oil spill and course he uses it as an opportunity to wage war not just on BP but capitalism too. Read more