Patrick Cook’s submitted testimony on gun rights after Fort Hood shooting (Video)

Below is 1st Lt. Patrick Cook’s submitted testimony delivered by Chris Coleman, a member of the Texas Army National Guard. Cook was in a room with 14 others at Fort Hood when a man armed with a handgun tried to force his way into the room on April 2. Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Ferguson (39) died that day while barricading the door keeping the other 14 in the room safe. Ferguson did not have to die.

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2nd Amendment Rally at Connecticut Capitol this Saturday

As a reminder, the Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) is sponsoring a 2nd Amendment rally at Connecticut’s Capitol Building from noon to 3 p.m. this Saturday, April 5. The weather looks like it will be nice this weekend, so why not put off your Spring yard clean-up routine for a few hours and come out to support the 2nd Amendment?

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When gun-grabbing politicians get arrested for gun trafficking

Gotta just love the hypocrisy. This state legislator from San Francisco is tied in with a felon gang member Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, who continued his gang activity behind a “legitimate” facade after getting out of prison. My bet is low-lifes like State Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) taught felons like Shrimp Boy how to look legit, and probably pocketed a lot of cash in the process.

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What’s likely to happen to Connecticut residents who did not register magazines and rifles?

There has been a lot of talk and chest thumping concerning the failed implementation of Connecticut’s “assault weapon” and “high-capacity” magazine registration scheme. It seems a significant number of people have ignored the law, and more probably have no idea they were supposed to register their stuff in the first place.

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Felon tries to ambush deputy sheriff in Kentucky

Evil exists in the world, and sometimes you get lucky. Some idiot in Kentucky with multiple felony convictions made the decision to ambush Deputy Sheriff Jerry Jones – a buddy of mine – and try to shoot him with a .270 caliber hunting rifle. He missed. He’s in jail, and is now charged with attempted murder of a police officer among other charges.

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Illinois real estate agents trying to “ensure safety” after concealed carry becomes law

You tell me. Is there a mental disorder here? Illinois passes legislation allowing law-abiding citizens to apply for state permits and carry a firearm concealed for personal protection. All of a sudden, we have real estate agents in a quandary trying to figure out how to handle this huge conundrum. From the Chicago Tribune.

The Illinois Association of Realtors late last week issued a consent form that real estate firms and their agents can present, if they choose, to sellers so homeowners can make it clear whether they would allow a potential buyer with a concealed firearm inside their property. If a seller decides to prohibit it, an agent would put the state-authorized sign,  a drawing of a black gun with a red circle and line through it, outside the home during all showings and open houses.

Of course, there was no issue or consent form required before – when people who were illegally carrying concealed, walked through properties – but now that law-abiding citizens have gone through all the hoops required to get a permit, they have a problem that needs to be solved.

  • Is there a consent form for potential buyers who do not have a concealed carry permit?
  • How the heck are the brokers going to know if the person is legally (or illegally) carrying concealed?

More, with my emphasis in bold.

“Our offices, as a whole, we’d prefer people not come in with guns, especially if they’re having a bad transaction, if we’re showing them in our cars, and our sellers, our homeowners, would probably prefer people aren’t coming into their homes with weapons,” said John Matthews, managing broker of Baird & Warner, Oak Park.

However, he added, “If someone was coming in to do bad deeds, they could care less if the concealed carry sign was there or not. if it’s a comfort level for agents and homeowners, I would say put the sign out.”

Those people who are more comfortable because there is a sign up need to speak with a mental health professional.



Where has Jim been? He’s been sick with double pneumonia for quite some time and plans to be back at work tomorrow (Tuesday, March 4). Of course the pneumonia hit him immediately after his Lupus went into remission, and the pneumonia resulted in his Lupus flaring again.

Where has Steve been? Let’s just say I’ve been prioritizing. I appreciate all of the people who keep asking me if I’m going to keep writing, and I do want to write, it’s just that I’m trying to pay bills and save for retirement. I’m trying to make my little start-up business work, and it’s not easy … but much better than the Fortune 50 world, although not as lucrative. I’m going to try to write a bit during the next week or so (at least) to try to help Jim with topics.

Where has the Sound Off Sister been? I’m not sure. Hopefully she’ll jump back in with Jim getting back on the air.

Connecticut reminder – it’s not illegal to carry a firearm on a college campus … or is it?

There is some serious mis-information floating around concerning the arrest of a University of New Haven commuter student yesterday. First, from the information we have been provided so far, he did not break any state law.

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NFL refuses Daniel Defense ad – Noir points out the hypocrisy

There are plenty of ads the NFL and broadcasters have deemed to be unworthy of Super Bowl time, and this year we have one from Daniel Defense, a company you’ve probably never heard of. They make really good components for carbines and modern sport rifles, you know, the evil black ones.

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Allen West is wrong… Closing of lead smelting plant will not increase cost of ammo

It’s a sexy story. “The EPA in a backdoor move by the Obama administration is forcing the last lead smelting plant in the United States to close… resulting in what’s certain to be a reduction of supply of ammo, and increased costs.” But it’s simply not true.

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For those of you who keep saying “they are not going to take your guns away”

They will. I’ve had conversations with people who said this to me. “Look, stop hyping this all up. They are not confiscating guns, they just want to limit the selection … you know… you don’t need a 100 round magazine drum.” Yeah, OK.

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