Duncan Hunter Endorses Who?

I’m not quite certain what to think of this, but Rep. Duncan Hunter, former Republican candidate for president – that almost nobody has ever heard of – exited the race earlier this week (or last week) and has endorsed Gov. Mike Huckabee. I’m scratching my head on this one, and so is Michelle Malkin.

The next question is who will Fred Thompson endorse – if anyone?

Fred Thompson to Leave Republican Race for President

Update: He’s out.

It looks like Fred is out. He started off slow and never really got going. Some people might say that he did not want it bad enough. Personally, I think he really wanted to serve, but it was not in his nature to deal with all of the crap that was required to run. He also has not dedicated the last 20 years of his life to prepare for running.

Some people might say that he started too late. Are they kidding? The nature of the business – running for president – is now a four year process. No kidding. It should not be a four year process.

The other issue was that he’s not considered a “sound bite” candidate. He’s more deep than that, and the media looses interest if you can not provide them a good sound bite that is under 10 seconds. Those 10 second answers suit the populist candidates quite well. All they need to do is say that they understand the needs of the people and feel their pain. Then they say they will fix it.

Crap, all crap.

As far as I can tell, he’s the only Republican candidate that had a chance and was a true conservative, not a Regan conservative – I don’t care about that – I just want a conservative thank you very much.

The next question is whether Thompson is willing to stump for another candidate, and maybe consider the vice president position on the ticket.

If he throws his support to McCain, he may tick-off more conservatives. Right now, I guess my hope would be to have him toss his support to Romney.

Second Amendment Reminder for Obama

Let’s take a quick look at the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and then let’s remind the Democrat candidates for president about the amendment.

Amendment 2
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Take a look at the phrase “the people.” What amendments reference the people?

The First Amendment references the people and their right to peaceably assemble. The Fourth Amendment references the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Amendment nine, 10 and 17 also reference rights of the people.

Question for Barack Obama. What part of the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed don’t you understand? From the CNNPolitics.com Issues page.

He supports a national law against carrying concealed weapons. Will he allow us to carry at all?

Carrying a firearm for personal and family protection is the great equalizer when someone tries to hurt you. If you are a four-eleven female in a parking garage, in a mall, at church, or even at home, and a six-foot male tries to attack you, you can equalize the fight.

Someone who is properly trained to carry a firearm, who is not a felon, should be able to protect themselves. Period.

It’s clear, Obama want to take away the rights of the good guys to carry a weapon concealed. Criminals tend to not care about the law. So they will continue to use them. Guns are not going away.

Let’s watch to see if Obama changes his position as time gets closer to the election.

Huckabee on Illegal Aliens – As of Today…

I really do not like politicians. They never seem to give you a straight answer, and if you are part of Clinton Inc., the standard operating procedure on any issue is to wet your finger and stick it up in the air. If you’re in Alabama, the answer to a question is yes; in Wyoming, it’s “maybe, but not really.” Nice.

The Washington Times, generally considered to be a conservative-leaning publication, has posted an article entitled Huckabee Vows to Send All Illegal Aliens Home. Mike, don’t mind me, but I don’t believe you. Stephen Dinan writes:

TIGERVILLE, S.C. — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee yesterday continued to move to the right on immigration during this year’s presidential campaign, signing a pledge to enforce immigration laws and to make all illegal aliens go home.

The pledge, offered by immigration control advocacy group Numbers USA, commits Mr. Huckabee to oppose a new path to citizenship for current illegal aliens and to cut the number of illegal aliens already in the country through attrition by law enforcement — something Mr. Huckabee said he will achieve through his nine-point immigration plan.

Mr. Huckabee signed the pledge in South Carolina, whose Saturday Republican primary is shaping up as the most important contest so far. Unlike the previous primaries and caucuses, which have been contested usually by just two candidates, four Republicans are making all-out efforts here: Mr. Huckabee, former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee, Sen. John McCain of Arizona and former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

Malkin has all the info on his past actions. Right, what he did, not what he said.

What was Wrong with the Polls in New Hampshire

I’ve been thinking about the polling that was reporting that Obama was winning in New Hampshire – pretty big – and that McCain might be ahead, but Romney was gaining ground. These polls reported during the last 48 hours before the election were off the mark. Michael Medved just posted a pretty good analysis.

I think pollsters and experts were right that most of the independents in New Hampshire (45% of all voters) liked two candidates: Obama and McCain. In the forty-eight hours before the polls closed, they got a consistent message about their two favorites: Obama had his victory in the bag, but McCain was potentially in trouble. Therefore, sophisticated independent voters (who could choose to participate in either the Republican or Democratic contest) reasoned that McCain needed their help but Obama didn’t. Therefore, those who wanted, above all, to make a difference, switched at the last moment to the GOP side, abandoning their previous intention to vote Democratic. That’s why the split of independent voters between those who went with the GOP and those who went with the Democrats wasn’t nearly as one-sidedly Democratic as expected..

That would also answer my question concerning turn-out. I was surprised to see that 279,000 people voted for a Democrat and 228,000 voted for a Republican. I expected a wider gap between the two considering the state usually votes Democrat.

With Democrats allowed to vote only for Democrats, and Republicans for Republicans, voters express their genuine political beliefs – liberal or conservative – before an election. In New Hampshire, most voters (45 percent) are independents that can vote for whomever they want during a primary. I don’t like this.

I certainly would not call independent voters in New Hampshire sophisticated, they are the ones that lick their finger and stick it in the air the morning of election day. Moderates… independents… they never take a stand on anything.

How About Knife Control?

Here’s a new – but old – story for readers; 3 Students Stabbed; Pa. School Evacuated. I think that we need federal knife control legislation. How many kids need to get hurt or die? Not one more I say!

READING, Pa. (AP) – Three students were stabbed Wednesday morning at a junior/senior high school by an angry student who had a canister of propane when confronted by school administrators, school and police officials said. The student at Antietam Middle-Senior High School in Lower Alsace Township was taken into custody by police after school officials disarmed the boy. Students were evacuated to a district building in a neighboring community.

Principal James Snyder said he and a teacher were responding to a disturbance when they confronted the student, who held them at bay with the canister.

“He was very upset with the school and with all the people who were in the school at that particular time,” Snyder said.

When the boy would not surrender, a teacher swatted the student’s arm, knocking the canister from his hand, Snyder said.

I’m glad that the three kids are going to be okay and suffered only minor injuries, and yes, I know, a firearm would have done more damage. How about we do some research on the number of people who are seriously injured or killed by a knife or blunt object, and compare that to those seriously injured or killed by firearms?

Gun control does not solve issues. In general, criminals do not buy guns legally and they don’t follow the law anyway. It does not mean much for them. It does however, prevent people from evening the odds and protecting themselves.

My Problem with John McCain

John McCain & Global WarmingActually, this is just one problem that I have with McCain. There are others. (Click here if you can not see the image, copyrighted by AP.)

Whatever dude…

Doesn’t he realize that as of around Dec. 15 last year, the memo went out to stop using the term “global warming” in favor of the new and improved “climate change?”

There is no consensus in science. The smart global climate expert geeks don’t go into a room and vote. It’s not majority rule. There are studies, peer reviews and more studies.

Guess what? There are plenty of studies, peer reviewed, from very reputable groups that are letting us know that global warming – or climate change if you prefer – is a natural thing for the world. It happens. The place warms up, it cools off.

To think that humans can cause the climate to change – or fix it – is, in a word, vanity at it’s extreme.

Clinton Campaign Brings Back the Old Guard

Doesn’t anyone see how obvious this is? So much for the “change” demanded in Washington by the Democrat party.

Back to the Future: Carville & Begala to join Clinton campaign

by Major Garrett MANCHESTER, N.H.
It’s back to the future at Hillary Clinton’s campaign as some of the top advisers to former President Clinton are set to join to Hillary’s faltering campaign as early as tomorrow.
Senior Clinton sources tell Fox that Hillary intends to bring in as top day-to-day advisers James Carville and Paul Begala.

Right. They are bringing back the relics of the Clinton One administration. It’s not about electing Mrs. Bill Clinton, it’s about somehow promoting the fact that Bill will be back in the White House, but he really won’t be doing anything – wink, wink.

Why don’t we take a look at the names of the people – on a national level and state level – who are working on the Mrs. Bill Clinton campaign and compare that list to the people who ran the Clinton One administration? Minus, of course, the ones that are dead or in prison.

Huckabee’s Cross to Bear?

I’ve had enough of Howie Carr, Peggy Noonan and other columnists and radio personalities going absolutely nuts over – what they perceived after they were told about it – a floating cross during his Christmas TV spot.

It. Was. A. Bookcase.

Everyone admits that they did not see it the first or second time they watched the spot. But once someone asks if you’ve seen that floating cross, you take another look and sure enough, you see it.  Then, it’s the talk of the blogosphere and talk radio. Come on folks.

It. Was. A. Bookcase.

I enjoy listening to Howie on the way home but he’s got to give it up; there are many other issues that conservative would like to discuss when it comes to Huckabee including immigration, taxes and pardons.