I am sure glad you can’t be my wife!

Former Republican Representative and Majority Leader, Dick Army dukes it out with Salon Magazine’s Joan Walsh over the influence of Rush Limbaugh on the Republican Party. Dick says its all show and just ignore it. The real issue Army says is the Democrats plan to redistribute wealth with this Porkapalooza instead of stimulating the economy by cutting personal and business taxes.

Joan Walsh chimes in with the standard “The Republicans are standing in the Messiah’s way” blather and … well Dick Army just loses it. Oh, stay with it till the very end please … Army slams her “spin” a second time.


Porkapalooza passes … Republicans hold firm – Update: Post

If the numbers I see here are correct … then Republicans refused to cave to this pork filled piece of crap. Some economic stimulus. Money for sod, birth control, HIV and STD prevention, government cars, the arts … not to mention billions for day care centers and let’s not forget ACORN. Please. Stimulus? You decide. At least Republicans are behaving like Republicans. Click the pick to see full size. I will update as news becomes available.


UPDATE: Jessie Hamilton of  The Courant has an absolutely great post with comments from Connecticut’s congressional delegation.  My favorite is:

From Rep. Joe Courtney, D-2nd District: “My vote on this jobs creation package will put more cops on our streets, improve our local school buildings and makes college more affordable, helps to spur innovative energy efficiency programs, and move us towards energy independence, while giving tax breaks to families and small businesses. While the Wall Street bailout last year forgot about Main Street, this legislation is an investment a better America for all.”

Ok Joe sure … Billions of dollars for Universities keeps professors employed but not affordable, new school buildings nice for the teachers but creates jobs? As for those energy programs they are years if not decades away from providing any meaningful work.

Now about the money for STDs, Birth Control, National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Roads for Reservations and on and on and on …. Check out this site Joe here and here and here oh, and here. Detailed enough for you Joe.

What Republicans Want – Update: Video 6 million jobs

This is a companion piece to Steve’s on digging into the stimulus package. I thought you might be interested in seeing what the House and Senate Republicans have proposed. No pork … just stimulus. Hat tip to Michelle.

  • Immediate Tax Relief for Working Families: House Republicans propose reducing the lowest individual tax rates from 15 percent to 10 percent and from 10 percent to 5 percent.  Under the proposal, a married couple filing jointly could save up to $3,200 a year in taxes.
  • Help for America’s Small Businesses: House Republicans propose to allow small businesses to take a tax deduction equal to 20 percent of their income. This will immediately free up funds for small businesses to create new jobs.
  • Assistance for the Unemployed: House Republicans propose to make unemployment benefits tax free so that those looking for work can focus on providing for their families.
  • Stabilizing Home Values: In order to encourage responsible buyers to enter the market and stabilize prices, House Republicans propose a home-buyers credit of $7,500 for those buyers who make a minimum down-payment of 5 percent.

Read the whole thing here.

UPDATE: Just in from Fox news … Republican leadership held a press conference detailing the jobs their tax cuts would create. Congressman Dave Camp (R-MI) is speaking. I cannot vouche for it but it is given added wweight by the person who did the analysis … one of Obama’s economic advisors. The president’s nominee to chair the Council Of Economic Advisers, Christina Romer.


Getting all the way in to the stimulus package

Crazy title I know, but along with Heritage Foundations readthestimulus.org Web site, we also have a another site called Senate Conservative Fund that offers the full text – that is searchable – of all 430-plus pages of the bill.

Update: New cleaner version of H.R. 1 – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. a.k.a. Generational Theft Act of 2009.

The grand total being thrown about is $1.1 trillion dollars. Hat tip to Malkin, but I can not figure out how to search the document.

You can jump over to the Senate Conservative Fund site if you’d like, but I’ve also provided direct links to the PDF below. I don’t know anything about this group, other than the following…

Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) is a political action committee dedicated to electing true conservatives to the United States Senate.

Sounds good to me.

What they did here is take the time to scan every page and ensure the scanner was set to read the text as it went through. I’m not certain I have the most current version of Adobe Reader, so I may not have the functionality right now to search.

Update: readthestimulus.org also has PDF and text versions,  as well as a spreadsheet or two dated Jan.15 with $350 billion in spending. Check that out.

Exit question: Why does Congress make bills so difficult to review it requires private groups to scan and review the documents and make them available to the public? You would think that the government would be willing to spend some resources on providing the public with easy to read electronic documents and spreadsheets that clearly explain – in plain friggin’ language thank you – what they are spending and what they are spending it on!

Come on people! Rise up!

We know why, they do not want the public to see them – plain and simple.

Obama on Al-Arubiya TV: I Have Muslim Family Members

I thought it more than just a little interesting that his first TV interview would be to Al Arubiya TV … especially since the US economy is in free fall here (or is it?).

Even more interesting is this portion of the interview. He sends a message to Americans not to fear Muslims, then after admitting American mistakes (that didn’t sit well with me), he acknowledges his Muslim roots.


Turns out,  Al-Arubiya Correspondent Hisham Melhem tells Wolf that portion of the interview is perhaps the most important.


I know what he was getting at here … but weren’t we told not to mention his Muslim roots and his middle name?  Just asking, that’s all.

Culture of corruption migrates to Hartford

Many already knew that it had arrived years ago. Hartford mayor, Eddie Perez (D) headed over to Troop H in Hartford this morning to turn himself in after a warrant was issued including charges of bribery, fabricating evidence, and conspiring to fabricate evidence. The warrant was issued after a 15 month grand jury investigation.

I’m not familiar with the details, but it looks like Perez and contractor Carlos Costa were caught wheeling and dealing back in 2007 and then conspired to cover it up.

From the Hartford Courant, who failed to let the national audience checking out the story know that Perez is a Democrat.

A grim-faced Mayor Eddie A. Perez turned himself in to state police at the Troop H barracks on Washington Street this morning around 10 a.m. He entered the building with his attorney, Hubert J. Santos, without speaking to the throng of reporters waiting.

A short time later Perez and Santos emerged from the building and heading for Santos’ waiting car. When asked for comment, Perez said “1 o’clock,” referring to a scheduled press conference at city hall.

Perez is charged with bribery, fabricating evidence and conspiracy to fabricate evidence.

State criminal investigators have circled Perez since early 2007, and in October of that year, the state formed an investigatory grand jury to probe allegations of political corruption in the mayor’s administration, including work contractor Carlos Costa did on Perez’s home.

Costa, who has done millions in work for the city on a troubled and long-overdue streetscape project, was arrested Monday and charged with bribery, fabricating evidence and conspiracy to fabricate evidence, according to his lawyer, William Gerace.

According to the chief state’s attorney’s office, Costa agreed to work on Perez’s home because he believed he would have been “black balled” from city if he didn’t.

Gateway Pundit asks if we can use the term culture of corruption yet? I say yes.

Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez was busted on bribery charges today. He joins three fellow democratic mayors caught in scandal this year. Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon was indicted Jan. 9, 2009, by a grand jury on 12 counts, including perjury, theft and misconduct in office. Racine Mayor Gary Becker (2nd from right) was arrested on charges of attempted second-degree sexual assault of a child, child enticement and possession of child pornography. Portland Mayor Sam Adams, the first openly gay mayor from a major American city, admitted last week that he had sexual relations with a teen intern.


Don’t forget all of the problems that the Massachusetts State Legislature has had the last six months. Dianne Wilkerson, Salvatore F. DiMasi, Therese Murray, John H. Rogers, Robert P. Spellane and J. James Marzilli are all either out or under a cloud of suspicion by residents.

Even the previous two Democrat House Leaders, Charles F. Flaherty and Thomas M. Finneran – now a radio show host at WRKO in Boston – resigned in corruption clouds.

Although all of the problems involve Democrats in Massachusetts, and all of the mayors happen to be Democrats, that does not mean there is not serious problems within Republican ranks.

I’m officially calling this the “age of Democrat corruption in the United States”. Didn’t Pelosi promise to clean up this act?

Wanted: media reports on stimulus pork spending – Updated

We dished out hundreds of billions to the finance system and got pretty much nothing in return. Many of these institutions are now insolvent – whatever that means – but that does not mean the government can not find other ways to spend upwards of $1 trillion dollars to stimulate the economy.

I should have took the train down to Washington D.C. myself last week and put my request in, I’m certain I could have gotten a billion or two.

Searching high and low, there stories everywhere about projects that could be included in the Obama stimulus plan, you know, stuff like ACORN getting billions, hundreds of millions for contraceptives and that organized crime museum.

Now is your chance to get involved! Spending upwards of $1 trillion dollars is not an easy thing to do, nor is trying to wade through all of the news stories that mention these different projects.

When you find a story, add it to the comments section below, or send us a quick e-mail via the Contact page and we’ll add it to the list!

When you’re talking $1 trillion in spending, it’s way to much work for two guys who manage a blog… help us out will ya?

Update (Jim Vicevich): Well it didn’t take long before Jim Geraghty from National Review found more to throw in the pot … here’ s a sample of what he found. Click here to read more.

An additional $300 million for roads on Indian reservations.

An additional $100 million for the Lead Hazard Reduction Program.

An additional $44 million for “construction, repair, and improvement” of Department of Agriculture buildings, and an additional amount for “Buildings and Facilities” and an additional $209 million for work on “deferred maintenance at Agricultural Research Service facilities.”

An additional $245 million to “maintain and modernize the information technology system at the Farm Service Agency.”

Update 2 (Steve): Don’t forget that you can read the entire proposed stimulus plan – subject to change on a minute-by-minute basis.


Hope and Change Scorecard – Video Added

First Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised us the most honest and ethical Congress (video below) in history. Since then William Jefferson (D-LA) was found with cash in the freezer, Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangle (D-NY) laden with tax problems, a major benefactor of Jack Murtha (D-PA) gets raided by the Feds, not to mention Chris Dodd (D-Countrywide) still hasn’t quite explained his relationship with failed lender Countrywide.

The Obama administration promised us a new direction. He promised us a new way of doing business in Washington. He promised an open and honest Government.

Since then his Secretary of Commerce nominee Bill Richardson (D-NM) withdraws his name from consideration as the Feds investigate what role he may have played in a pay for play scandal. His new Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner, the man who overseas the IRS, slides through on party lines, even though its learned he failed to pay his taxes in 2001 … oh and 2002, 2003,2004,2005 … well you get the idea. His Attorney General, the law man in chief, the man who recommended Bill Clinton pardon 12 Puerto Rican terrorists and the FBI’s most wanted arms merchant, will be asked to investigate the Bush Administration on … ummm … the war on terror. And after telling the world no lobbyists in his administration … he quickly appoints two lobbyists to … his administration.


Here’s the latest in our roundup of ethical Democrats.

Feel free to add anything. Oh … and before you think of adding any Republicans … they didn’t make the promise … and we have already given them their comeuppance.

And just to remind you … remember what she said in 2006. The relevant portion starts at :53. Try not to gag.


Limbaugh Strikes Back

Professor Reynolds has compiled the best Limbaugh round-up out there bar none … make sure you click below and read the entire thing. Outstanding! But first some background.

Obama tells Republicans not to listen to Rush Limbaugh. Says we need to pull together.

“If we don’t get this done we (the Democrats) could lose seats and I could lose re-election. But we can’t let people like Rush Limbaugh stall this. That’s how things don’t get done in this town.”

Then minutes later   he says “We won.”


So Limbaugh is fighting back and, may I say, it is so good to see.

“One prong of the Great Unifier’s plan is to isolate elected Republicans from their voters and supporters by making the argument about me and not about his plan. . . . Meanwhile, the effort to foist all blame for this mess on the private sector continues unabated when most of the blame for this current debacle can be laid at the feet of the Congress and a couple of former presidents. And there is a strategic reason for this.”

In a fair fight, Obama takes on Limbaugh, Limbaugh wins hands down. But when you have the FCC, IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA on your side and the other guy has just a golden microphone …. ummm … yeah my money is still on Rush.

Go get em tiger … I got ya covered behind enemy lines.


When Obamabots Attack

This is a well oiled machine folks. Criticize the Messiah and face the wrath of millions of basement dwelling, brain washed apostles more than ready and willing to twitter you into oblivion. The thought police are on patrol and they will find you.


Just a thought … if they consider these topics critical … what will they do when the heat really gets turned up … hmmmm?

All part of the permanent campaign and a call to arms.