Get In On The Fun … Play The Stimulus Game

Here’s your chance to grab a piece of the porkapalooza pie and be just like a big time Democrat VIP (sorry Senator Dodd). The game is fun and easy to play and will make you feel like a Big City Mayor, Federal Bureaucrat, or community organizer extraordinaire.

Click here to play … and don’t forget to remember your friends (ME)!

PS: Yes I have played and yes it is fun and no there is no catch. Thanks to Instapundit.

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Republican Gregg Withdraws – Video – Updated

Update: From Instapundit:

He’s had a tough time with appointments, but at least Gregg paid his taxes.

And the hits just keep on rolling for an Obama Administration which at this point may never fill this Cabinet. New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg withdrew his name as Commerce Secretary. He just couldn’t do it. In this video he says he withdrew  because he couldn’t be 100% part of the team.

But Fox News reports it was a major disagreement over the Obama Stimulus Package and a slighter one on Census (which had been moved from Commerce to the White House). Fox also reports Gregg was miffed at the way Obama had whacked Republicans in Williamsburg and the Town Meetings.


You just knew this was coming. Gregg will be a bigger help in the Senate. Oh and here’s one for you … first comments from the Democrats comes from Hillary Rosen over at CNN … clearly Gregg does not like school children?


For more go to Powerline here, and Michelle Malkin here.

Banker explains why he turned down TARP funds: “Strings”

The banker is Steve Buster, CEO of California community bank “Mechanics”. Alexis Glick conducts the interview and it’s a great one.

Part one, Buster tells Glick they wanted the money, could have used the money but it came with too many strings.


Here in Part Two Glick asks … “what strings?”. Buster says they wanted to tell us how to lend.


Buster essentially says his bank uses sound lending practices and the government’s idea of lending would have compromised that, endangering the banks sound business. Thanks but not thanks.

Unfortunately, the big bankers have learned this all too late. They have finally realized that they have sold their soul. If you want to know what I mean …listen to Charlies Daniels. You’ll get it too.

Guns Don’t Kill People … They Help People Stop Home Invasions

OK … not exactly the way the phrase goes … but I could add 10 more stories I know of just like this.

Owning a gun is your 2nd amendment right. It is also your responsibility to learn to handle a firearm safely and correctly. But if you take the time to learn, train, and legally purchase a firearm it just may save your life someday. After watching this video ask yourself, if the homeowner lived in a “gun free zone” … would the homeowner be talking to the reporter today. Click  to view.


Kerry Doesn’t Trust You

We talked about this yesterday and now here’s the video. “Ya know, you really can’t trust the American people with their own money. Why, they could do whatever they want with it.”


I told you they consider it their money. I told you. This is from Gateway.

Mr President … You’re Just Too Nice

ABC News’ Terry Moran gets his one on one with the President and poses the question… “Ya know Mr President … maybe you were just too nice with those raskawy Republicans. Ummm … this is reporting


Thanks to Ace for pointing this out. There’s more at Newsbusters.

I was a reporter for more than 20 years, covering a beat that required access to some of the toughest CEOs in the country. I could not afford to really get on their bad side, but I also knew I had a job to do and I cannot imagine posing a question like this … or at least in this way. But then, that’s just me.

Program Note

NY Times Best Selling Author Ann Coulter and Fox Business Network anchor Jenna Lee join us tomorrow. Jenna will join the show at 10:35 and Ann at 11:00 AM … so make sure you are there. Read more

Praise The Lord? … or the One?

I will add nothing. I will say nothing. The video alone … well … says it all. From today’s Obamania rally in Florida. The One!


Ya know … the kid actually is really excited. Hard to find fault with that. But come on … he is not the Messiah. No, really, he’s not.

Headed For European Socialism?

That’s what Senator Mitch McConnell says will happen if we pass the Porkapalooza.  He also tries to put into perspective Obama’s charge that the national debt doubled under George Bush. Says McConnell, increased spending for sure … but as a percentage of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product … nothing like what we are about to see.


BTW …. here’s the Obama bite from last night.


No question … the Republicans couldn’t control spending, no question debt rose … no question … you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Don’t Drill … Just Send Money – Update

Today’s media m0ment took place at the staged town meeting in Florida. A local municipal official took the mic to first praise her man … and then to ask for money for a new commuter railroad … cause she

a. doesn’t like the Arabs,

b. can’t drill for oil locally because the scenery is really cool

c. the economy is in the tank and they still have stuff they really need, like rail

d. all of the above

Guess before you watch.


This is what conservatives are up against. The economy is tanking and municipal officials are still spending … and still restricting the economy in every way possible. Welcome to the new Florida.

UPDATE: Well this woman, unfortunately, may get her wish … on drilling. From Jim Geraghty:

American Petroleum Institute President Jack Gerard today issued the following statement on Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s announcement that he would extend the Outer Continental Shelf Five-Year Plan comment period by 180 days:

“Congress made the American people wait nearly 30 years to address our immediate energy challenges. Secretary Salazar today told the American people they must continue to wait—even though more than two-thirds of them want to tap our vast domestic resources for the benefit of all Americans.

Here’s the link.