Good for thee … but not for me

Just remember when you watch this … the political powers in Communist countries always told people what they could and could not do … and then reserved the very best for themselves. I’m not saying we’re headed in that direction, or that Congress reminds me of the Kremlin … I’m just saying that’s what the Commies did, that’s all. Two videos.

First … here’s what Congress told corporations what they could not do if they BORROWED government money.


Now here’s the blockbuster CNN report on how our Congresspeople, the very ones who are driving the country into bankruptcy, treat themselves.


I must admit it takes cashews to pull this off … but these are members of Congress … and it’s not your money anyway.

Send em to “fine print class” but no mortgage money – Update: Poll

Update: Take the CNBC poll too … will you join the Chicago Tea Party?

The outrage over the Obama Housing Rescue Plan is starting to boil over … more. CNBC’s Rick Santelli garnered national attention this morning on the floor of the Chicago Merc over Obama’s plan to rescue predominately people who either bought too much house or used the house like a credit card … we have two videos.

The first is the morning rant …


the second is his response to the rant this evening on Hardball. Trust me, he’s still very passionate and he’s right when he says he speaks for a lot of hard working, bill paying people.

To see the whole morning rant go to CNBC here.


My only quarrel with this is … everyone should get something. Not a bad idea, but a better no one gets government money. Let the housing market work it out. People won’t buy over their heads again and we won’t get in this mess again.

Fox Opinion Poll: Halo Slipping?

Latest Fox Opinion poll is out and while I hate polls … this is worth at least a mention.

First the country is split 50/50 on the stimulus package and whether it will work … but the vast majority are convinced it won’t help them personally. There’s a shock. It’s not meant to help most people. Here are the results on that.

For those supporting the stimulus bill, the top reason is because it was seen as the best option and we “have to do something” (37 percent). Other main reasons include the spending included in the bill (17 percent), belief in Barack Obama and the Democrats (14 percent), and simple belief the plan will work (11 percent).

Too much pork — that’s what opponents say is the primary reason they dislike the plan. A third of opponents (32 percent) say pork is the problem.

We had to do something? That’s reason to support a plan you basically disagree with? Oh well.

Popularity still strong from slipping … but almost all from the Republicans who had hoped he meant change … real change … real bipartisan change. Poll results on the Fox site now  … but here’s their pollster to wet your apptite.


Poll analyst attributes it to the public dissatisfaction with the stimulus … and Obama’s partisan tone? Yikes. Maybe comments like this didn’t help.


Stimulus More Dangerous After We Recover

Pat Toomey, with the Club For Growth, had some sobering words for Neil Cavuto last night. Not only does he believe that the current Prokapalooza can’t pull the economy from recession, but he believes as the nation recovers, as it always does, there will be those who believe that massive spending was in the fact the very thing that pulled us out … dooming us to a generation of spenders. Gee I wonder what gives him that idea?


Coward- Update- Congressman Cummings Responds

AG Eric Holder speaking to the employees of the Justice Department yesterday called America a nation of “cowards”. I had t listen to this a couple times to actually figure what he was talking about. Could he be talking about a refusal to discuss race relations openly? Surely not that.

Since Obama’s run for the Presidency it is just about all the Democrats for sure and perhaps a majority of the population in general, have been talking about. What’s stunning is the remainder of his remarks where, among other things, he says Americans retreat into the cocoon of our like minded and presumably racially segregated suburbs and communities. Please take the poll.


Please read Powerline’s take on this.

Attorney General Holder has called America “a nation of cowards” when it comes to “things racial.” According to Holder, “average Americans” are afraid to “talk enough with each other about race.”

By using the word “cowards,” Holder has gotten himself some attention, at least for today. That’s ironic because his long-winded speech is 99 percent content free.

To add to the irony, in the one place where Holder introduces a little content, he demonstrates that he has no interest in genuine dialogue, and reveals himself to be a “coward” on “things racial.”

Update: Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) addresses the Holder comments this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. He took issue with the Holder comments in so much as they don’t describe the America today … the younger generations. But the kicker comes half way in when Joe asks Cummings whether the government should step in to force us to …. ummm … go to church together? I’m not sure why Joe used the church analogy. At least Cummings saw the folly.


Bailing Out The House Flippers

I will post more details as they become available. But the thrust of the plan is simple. Help homeowners who are underwater or can’t afford the monthly payment.

* Enable refinancing for 4 million to 5 million “responsible” homeowners who took out conforming 30-year fixed mortgages with an 80 percent or lower loan-to-value ratio and are current on payments.

* The decline in home values means many of these families cannot qualify for conventional refinancing because their loan-to-value ratio would exceed 80 percent.

* The program would allow mortgages owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to be refinanced, reducing monthly payments.

But how is this fair? And doesn’t this just disrupt the housing market. And for what, for whom?

Last night CNBC’s David Faber made an appearance on Hardball and discussed the current financial crisis. Chris Matthews, and he wasn’t wrong, lays much of the blame on Countrywide but believes homeowners are innocent because they were duped.

Not so says David Faber. To be sure there were some who were poor … but the majority knew exactly what they were doing.


Adding fuel to the fire … Jeremy Brandt of 1800 Homeowners says … homeowners in California who could pay their mortgages, but whose homes are currently underwater (owe more than they are worth)  are deciding to hold back to take advantage of the Obama plan.


Great … so we help the irresponsible become more irresponsible while we continue to toil for the irresponsible and us. Nice. Welcome to the new government controlled financial sector.

I knew Ronald Reagan and you are no Ronald Reagan

Larry Elder, one of my talk show heroes and the man who coined the phrase “Republitarian”, was a guest on the O’Reilly Factor last night and does a great job of explaining, factually, why government spending did not pull America out of the Great Depression nor will it work this time. What’s more he takes issue with Obama calling on the memory of John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan to push that plan. A good listen and why he ranks so high on my list of most admired people.


How ’bout that $7.69 a week?

Last night Neil Cavuto interviewed New York Congressman Anthony Weiner. Weiner was pushing the $800 billion dollar stimulus package as the answer to our needs. He made special mention of the crummy middle class tax cut, which is not a tax cut at all but rather a transfer payment. That aside, even as a transfer payment Cavuto wondered how stimulative $7.60 a week could possibly be. Weiner’s answer is typical of today’s Democrat … let them eat cake.


The Experts

You’ll be stunned to learn that “Frontline” … bought and paid for with your tax dollars … and soon your stimulus money … has reportedly put together a documentary on the economic collapse that will air tomorrow night on PBS. The kicker is the expert list. Only two Congress people were interviewed.

Mr. Dodd and Representative Barney Frank, Democrat of Massachusetts,are the only members of Congress interviewed in the piece, which is a weakness. Many voters hold Republicans and Democrats equally responsible for oversight failures. “Frontline” holds these politicians up as reliable, unbiased witnesses, but some viewers may feel they don’t deserve that trust.

These two people are experts all right. They blocked the regulations that the Bush administration proposed for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, not to mention looked the other way as banks like Countrywide made billions in irresponsible mortgage loans to anything that moved, no questions ever asked. Thanks once again to Instapundit.

Here’s the video that PBS won’t air .. for fear of losing their funding.


Dodd As Victim

Well why not. Everyone’s a victim these days of something.

Attorney General Dick Blumenthal (D, because we name that party), who’s office is investigating Countrywide’s dealings in Connecticut, addresses the Chris Dodd (D) Countrywide loan scandal on Hartford TV Channel 3, WFSB, Sunday morning. Anchor Dennis House asks the AG (D) how Dodd (D), chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, could get into this mortgage fix. Blumenthal compares him to the other Countrywide “victims”. Oh brother.

Oh and make sure to listen to House’s follow up question. In a nutshell, what if Countrywide treated you the way Dodd (D) has been treating the voters? Amen and amen.


We’re the government … we don’t ask. Of course not. We’re just the people who put your there.