EP. 58 – Keith Phaneuf on Connecticut avoiding tax increases

Financial guru Keith Phaneuf from the CT Mirror puts to rest rumors Connecticut will raise taxes despite being flush with cash.

And author and communist defector Jane points out how America keeps sliding into socialism.



EP. 57 – John Hayward, the clamp-down on conservatives

John Hayward from Breitbart News speaks with Jim and Jane about – what certainly appears to be – a clamp-down on conservative media outlets. Newsmax, Gab and Parler are just a few of the targets.

What can we expect from the Biden presidency?

Jane draws on her experience living under communism as a teenager and outlined in her book, Stalked by Socialism.



EP. 56 – Georgia Senate election and what to expect from Biden

On today’s podcast, conservative columnist Don Pesci reacts to the Georgia Senate runoff and author and communist defector Jana Kandlova explains why she’s afraid for our country.

John Hayward from Breitbart News talks with us about what to expect from a Biden administration.



EP. 55 – Trump election legal challenges

Today’s podcast on election fraud features former Assistant US Attorney Barbara Vicevich (the Sound Off Sister). We discuss the legal challenges Trump has concerning the election.

We also speak with the Sound Off Brother from Georgia concerning the Senate election happening there.



EP. 54 – Singer/Songwriter Shawn Byrne

Singer/songwriter, musician and producer Shawn Byrne has scored the Grand Prize for the 2020 American Songwriter Lyric Contest. The winning lyric, “Love Was Just A Word,” won 1st place in the July/August bi-monthly contest.

Shawn joins Jim and Jane for a special music-centered podcast this week.

Shawn Byrne Scores 2020 Lyric Contest Grand Prize



EP. 53 – John Hayward on Trump’s upset chances

Breitbart columnist John Hayward joins us to discuss the president’s chances of pulling off an upset. They discuss the current Texas court case.

Texas sues over election results in battleground states Biden won



EP. 52 – Trump’s legal challenges & Walter E. Williams tribute

Former AUSA and law professor Barbara Vicevich speaks with Jim and Jane about President Trump’s legal challenges to the presidential election.

Today, we also pay tribute to podcast friend and a true libertarian economist, Professor Walter E. Williams.



EP. 51 – COVID-induced restrictions and penalties in Connecticut

Conservative columnist Don Pesci talks with Jim and Jane about Connecticut COVID restrictions and penalties.



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EP. 50 – Allegations of voter fraud with John Hayward

John Hayward from Breitbart News joins Jim and Jane to talk about allegations of voter fraud. They discuss John Nolte’s article on Sidney Powell and Lin Woods claims of serious voter fraud.

Plus Kim joins us to discuss George Soros.


Maricopa County voter FAQ page edited to approve Sharpies

On Oct. 17 and Oct. 21, the Maricopa County Recorder’s office – who is responsible for managing and maintaining all public records in the county – specifically stated permanent markers “may result in a false read by our ballot tabulation machines.”

From the Recorder’s website on Oct. 21, with my emphasis added.

13. Do I need a special pen to mark my ballot?
A standard black or blue ballpoint pen is sufficient. Do not use red ink or permanent marker. This may result in a false read by our ballot tabulation machines.

The website was changed either on Monday, Nov. 2, or sometime between Oct. 21 and Nov. 2 to read the following.

Voters at home may use ballpoint pen in black or blue ink or a sharpie. Vote Centers use fine tip sharpies as they have the fastest drying ink, therefore preventing smudges when put through the Vote Center tabulation equipment. This is one of the upgrades of our new equipment and new ballots. Do not use red or red-adjacent ink.

The videos you’re seeing online are a direct result of the incompetence of the Recorder’s office, making a significant change to guidelines immediately prior to the election. Voters showed up with their own pens – it is COVID times after all – and some were instructed not to use their pens and use fine tipped sharpies instead.

So let’s be clear. Voters who read the FAQs and got information about voting on or possibly after Oct. 21 were specifically told not to use permanent markers as their vote might not be counted correctly. Then they show up on election day and are handed permanent markers, and in some cases told not to use their own pen.

On the day of the election they had every right to be concerned.

Let me be the first to call it … Sharpiegate.

Since the Internet’s Wayback Machine does have the ability to remove cached views they have on their servers, I’ve taken screenshots of the page from Oct. 17, Oct. 21 and Nov. 2.

The URL to view is here – https://recorder.maricopa.gov/site/faq.aspx

Wayback Machine Cached Pages

Sharpiegate Screenshots