Cafferty Criticizes Obama and Limbaugh, Blitzer Scolds Cafferty

Oh yeah really … Cafferty does a piece you and I would say was mildly critical of Obama complete with a cheap shot at Rush Limbaugh calling him a “corpulent Oxycontin aficionado of right-wing talk radio” … watch it all … then watch Wolf at the end spank Cafferty for the cheap shot.

No, not for the cheap shot at Rush … for criticizing the Messiah of course.Wolf is just adorable. Hat tip to Hot Air “We pick You Click”.


How dare you Jack … didn’t you get the CNN memo.

And here’s some bonus video. The only really critical letter from a viewer. The best part comes at the end.


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  1. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    It appears that CNN does not have a concensus of Obama worshipers on the air.  Comrad Cafferty may soon be pink slipped.  The Socialistic agenda shall not be deterred.


    There is an internal power struggle for survivors rights when Obama's plans fail.   The winner will be the person that is proven right when common knowledge determines the winner. 

    Obot….tax and spend, bigger govt, more handouts, reparations.

    Rush….smaller govt, controlled spending, more individual freedom

  2. stockmann
    stockmann says:


    Caffferty devotes his  piece  to  critical  observations of  Obama's first  seven  days. 

    Toward the  end of  the commentary, Cafferty -still critical of Obama – takes a swipe  at Limbaugh (in words  and tone that pale when  compared  to what El Crapo  and Buddy regularly employ.)

    Blitzer segues with an almost unnoticeable rejoinder…

    …and Buddy "dittos"  the  dummy who  posits this news piece as  proof of CNN marching lockstep with  the Administration.

    And in the  same breath, Buddy and  his  ilk will claim the  left  and/or the media are forever searching  for and verifying  victims and victimhood!

    Un effing-believable! 

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