Brown to Maddow: We will never give up on single payer

No, not that Brown. Famous Dem lefty Senator Sherrod Brown. I post this only so you can understand what it means to be a progressive. They measure time in decades, not Congressional terms. They measure victory incrementally. The creeping progress of progressivism never stops and this my friends … single payer … is the Crown Jewel.

Well, that and Tom Friedman’s autocratic “just get it done” style government. That’s why, as AP points out, a guy like Congressman John Larson can dismiss the Slaughter slaughter provision, as just a process, a nuisance. Constitution? That comes later … even decades. Why amend, when it can be ignored, incrementally.

I watch, so you don’t have to … but I swear … these guys trigger my Lupus. Arghhhhhhh!


Just to cheer you up, Brown did say if this does not pass, progressive style health care is done for a decade. I don’t think that’s true, certainly not health care reform. But this … well we can only hope.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    And we will never give up resisting the march towards socialism.


    Damn the torpedoes!   Full speed ahead!

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