Bridgeport Mayor on Governor’s race: Every vote must count, except those over there

I wasn’t going to post this but for me, it was the best part of Mayor Bill Finch’s press conference. A big deal was made by the Democrats about extending poll hours … so everyone who wanted to vote could, and every vote counted. So much so they went to court armed with two affidavits (yes two) to make sure they stayed open. Ostensibly, people were denied the right to vote because of a lack of ballots. Well that was then, this is now.

It’s almost laughable. Two video takes from the Bridgeport Mayor (yes, a Democrat). He explains why it was so important to keep the polls open. And then shortly after … he explains why those same votes were not counted. “Those votes are not going to be of consequence. Too much.


Got that? We didn’t need those votes. Unbelievable. It think was Dims who said he should have just said … “We didn’t need to those votes to get our man elected.”

“Tammany Hall, Tammany”. Hall.

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  1. cherwin
    cherwin says:

    Huh? What? Talk about double talk. This whole story just sounds very fishy to me. I have a hard time believing that

    someone couldn't figure out how many ballots to order in the first place. I can see being a few short, although I have never even heard a story about that happening, but ordering less than a third of what you need? That just seems strange.

    I think something or somebody was behind the whole thing from the start. After seeing all the cheating that went on in the presidentail election, I wouldn't put anything past the Dems.

  2. weregettinghosed
    weregettinghosed says:

    Shall we logically think this one through, so as to educate those in office with no thought process? As Secretary of State you must be able to add and subtract, multiplication is good also; election season means you need to know how many ballots are needed in each town or city, know the population and have enough ballots for each city. Should a request come in for an amount far off from the number of registered voters for that population; raise a red flag in your head, Ask yourself, why did they request less than needed? Remember there must be reason, discover it, deal with the problem so upon election day there are no problems. Now how much common sense does this take? I used so little I hardly had to spare of moment of energy, yet these people, all of them, from Bridgeport to Hartford, could not figure this out; not possible, no one can make any of us believe there was that much incompetence.

    We need to stare these people straight in the face, do not stray a thought of blink your eyes, make them squirm until they break under the pressure of their own lies. A re-vote is then needed to restore the free and fair voting process in CT. We cannot allow CT taxpayers and voters to suck this fraudulent act up and say nothing or just whine about it, we need a proactive reaction.

  3. CTbill
    CTbill says:

    Bridgeport, where very vote counts…sometimes twice!! Hey, I like the look of this ballot, let's photocopy it a few hundred times and put it in that mailbag over there for later.

    By the way, ZERO votes for Marsh with over 25,000 cast?

  4. Randall Avery
    Randall Avery says:

    We are witnessing the INTENDED results of BYSEWICZ/DEMOCRAT post 2000 electoral model – unlike our mechanical machine balloting, which could only be "gamed" by losing machines or defective internal machinery, the so-called Modern scanner/paper ballot scheme allows ELECTION OFFICIALS TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON THE BALLOT OF EACH AND EVERY VOTER, before it is cast, and, in this Bridgeport instance, and in any recount, after it is cast.

    The opportunities for fraud literally never end – when the voter is HANDED A BALLOT, is it always BLANK, or has a helpful pollworker filled it in for the helpless or hapless;  when the voter has trouble seeing or filling in the small dot area, does the pollworker always FAITHFULLY AND ACCURATELY "assist" the voter; when the scanner is fed a document that is then spit back out, does the pollworker again faithfully and accurately help the voter; and, when in a recount, the BALLOT will be HANDLED (subject again to altering), and put through an ANALYSIS OF THE VOTER'S 'INTENT.'   As in, "Say, this voter voted for all Democrats except Malloy, and must have intended to vote for Malloy."

    The Bridgeport schenario proves that the Bysewicz plan will always favor the indolent cities, who by design will hire inadequate, undereducated pollworkers, who will put ballots into baskets, trash cans, anything that comes to their minds, leaving all of the rest of us to "trust" in the goodness of their intentions when these events are exposed.

    I certainly have no faith in this election.  Every tally differs.  In this clip, Finch says "less than 100" people cast ballots after 8, despite phoning tens of thousands of people on their reverse 911 system.  Bysewicz said there were 500 votes cast after the polls had otherwise closed.  The current AP count is 2500 votes different that the "official, uncertified" Bysewicz count.   New Haven and Hartford were also readily available to find bags of accidentally uncounted ballots had the need arisen.  Then we'd have had their Democratic mayors telling us that everything was kosher, just an inadvertent mistake by well-meaning, under-appreciated SEIU types.

    Like Minnesota, the plan here was and remains the same – have enough tired, sick, over-worked inner city election places, stash ballots without counting them, and "discover" them when required.  To kill this fraud, lets go back to mechanical machines, that cannot have their software hacked, or paper trails to allow the machine count to be stuffed, like in this election in Connecticut.

    By the way, when ballots are tabulated, does someone else also cross-check to see if the same number of voters actually came to vote?  Even if someone does, that it easily faked.  Just fill in your candidate's name on a real ballot, and put it in a bag, and cross out a name, and wait for the recount if need's be.  Then say you had a toothache and couldn't be bothered to try to scan it or count it that night.  Then, when the media demands that "all votes be counted, especially the sad, poor, afflicted and perenially disenfranchised," all doubts will be "cast away," the "votes" counted, and righteousness prevails, along with the very party that the media admittedly supports by a nearly 9 to 1 majority.

  5. Brian
    Brian says:

    I think Connecticut should have a re do of the election.

    Throw out all the results.

    And have the new election overseen by the FBI.

    It will never happen though.

    Since our state government is controlled by Democrats, the corruption will only get worse.

  6. VictimsRevenge
    VictimsRevenge says:

    I wrote a comment that might be interesting to someone, and it does have something to do with this post. It's called "There's madness to this method", and it's  The Journal Inquirer, and The Register Citizen.<a title=""There's madness to this method"" href="; rel="nofollow">CHRIS POWELL: Memo to Republicans: Money isn’t everything

  7. Army Strong
    Army Strong says:

    According to what I heard this weekend, normally, bridgeport usually orders 69,000 ballots, as they have 66,000  voters registered, so that make sense to me to order n additional 3,000 ballots , But does anyone really believe that they were hurtin for money  this year, so all they could muster up was 21,000 Ballots, I'm not buying it!, this whole election is hinging on the city of Bridgeport, No such thing as coincidences. Jim V. had a caller on his friday show say that he was a Union Memeber, and he told Jim that he went to a summer convention for this union{ AFL-CIO} , and he said that the leadership in this union had stated in his speech, that the union had to concentrate on Bridgeport. I see alot of Corruption going on here, and Tom Foley does not seem to have the back Bone to fight this Fraud!  The Dems sure as hell would if the Republicans were doing this to them and there party!

  8. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Ok, Army Strong, I"m taking you on. I HAVE backbone. Did you work for a candidate? Did you take a candidate around at a fair or to introduce to friends? Did you have a fundraiser? Did you work the phones to get people to get an Absentee Ballot or to vote? Did you do anything but whine? Have you looked at how few Republicans there are? No one wants to be on a Town Committee and actually admit to being a Republican. So now, we lost again practically every Republican in the state. It was a juggernaut. We were swept. Personally, I have no doubt that the Unions and elitist educated suburbanites (who are guilty they are rich) worked their tails off and beat the crap out of us. I'm licking my wounds, but when I get up tomorrow, I will look at the results and figure out what the towns did where Republicans won. In Essex, the only Republican to win was Tom Foley, so in my book, we ask him to run for Senator in 2012. What do you think?

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