Bill Ayers: Hey we weren’t despicable .. the government was

Doesn’t sound real repentant to me. Sounds like he wish he had done more. The second clip details his association with Obama, whom, he admits, was more than just “a guy in the neighborhood.” Remember Bill Ayers was part of a terrorist group, not a Vietnam War protest group, whose stated goal was revolution. and for more on Ayers and his defender go here.

and then here he is describing his relationship with the other guy in the neighborhood, Obama.

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  1. s1c
    s1c says:

    I love this take on it from the devine Ms. Althouse

    We didn't find out enough about the man we elected President. We were made to feel that it was wrong to ask. I don't need to hear an avowed terrorist bitching about other people supposedly "exploit[ing] the politics of fear." A terrorist deals in fear, and I assume he'd like to control what inspires our fears. Fear the American government, he says, but don't fear Barack Obama.

    Don't look there! Look here! I'll decide for myself what ought to be feared.

    Of course it would have been nice to have seen the MSM paying attention to him before the election.

  2. Barb
    Barb says:

    Unfortunately, people today either didn't live through it or seem to have forgotten how difficult those Vietnam years were — the terrible loss of life of our soldiers, the violence, the bombings, the protests, the drugs, the asassinations, the campus riots and takeovers. These terrorists were not fighting the good fight, They were attempting to take over our govt and reshape the country. They were frightening to hear about, frightening to watch, frightening to wonder what they would do next. It was a horrible time. And to hear Ayers blow off his actions as nothing significant compared to "this country killing thousands of people" is false and hypocritical and enraging. He's a bore and a thug and doesn't deserve any face time.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I find it amazing that there is a statute of limitations on sedition, and possibly treason.

    Only in Obamerica.

  4. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Can anyone believe that Ayers actually used the phrase "exploiting the politics of fear?"

    Simply amazing. And Joe the Plumber gets the political equivalent of a rectal exam for merely speaking out.

    What next? Gravity stops working too?

  5. Gary the socialist
    Gary the socialist says:

    Yes and lets not forget some of the other quotes. I am a anarchist,Power to the people, and I like Barrack Obama, and The whole federal goverment frightens me theres nothing about it I like.

  6. datruth
    datruth says:

    Wow, I stumbled across this blog by accident!

    To all you on the angry right, please keep it up. After a resounding fatal verdict on the failed strategy of Rovian politics, you rubes just keep it coming. It's as though you've learned nothing over the past few years.

    I applaud your efforts, and I say — keep it up! Do what you do best. It'll keep the white house and congress in democratic blue for decades….

    Vicevich, I was wondering what you were doing after getting thrown off of TV. You discovered that rich vein of income that is right wing talk radio. Bravo. An Avon right wing extremist — that's rich!

  7. Gary the socialist
    Gary the socialist says:

    Terrorism …Terrorism is the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion. There is no internationally agreed definition of terrorism. Most common definitions of terrorism include only those acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for an ideological goal (as opposed to a lone attack),This is from Wikipedia.Feel free to read or look up the whole Definition this is the part I wanted to use..

  8. Gary the socialist
    Gary the socialist says:

    Opps- my mistake with my post of quotes above those were in fact The words of Bill O'Reilly from Fox New answering a qestion about the complination of video showing Fox and it's anchors and pundits tring to scare and incite fear among it's viewiers about The Goverment and Barrack Obama.This may be a means some may say of.. Breaking News Breaking news. This just in Sales have hit a all time high, higher then at any time in our countries history of Guns and projectiles as the people of America seem to be affaird and scared of there goverment or seem to fear the collapse of the goverment and are preparing to go to war with themselves over food and water.Some are asking if this will lead to another rise of separates movements here in America like those in Montana and Alaska seen in the 90's and the early part of the decade and will this fear and growing anger being rivated up by some will lead into another incindent like the Oklahoma bombing from those who fall for the tools of fear and scare.This reporter hopes that those who control the radio airwaves will act responable.

  9. Dave in EH
    Dave in EH says:

    Gary the Socialist: "I am a anarchist,Power to the people,"

    Let's examine this one, just for a moment.

    There is no socialism is anarchy, for starters, since the application and bureaucratic maintenance required to operate a socialist state precludes the perfect freedom of anarchy. Likewise, in socialism, the people are not free, they are made dependent upon the state… hence, no anarchy.

    In short, Gary, you've been sadly misinformed about either socialism or anarchy.

  10. steadyjohn
    steadyjohn says:

    Not only did Ayers & Gang want to overthrow the United States government but that is still the goal. Same goal, different tactics.The method became one of slow incremental change i.e. the dumbing down of the populace, the death of real journalism, liberal/left infiltration at all levels of government (see Secretary of State Project). The result: the election of the most liberal presidential candidate since George McGovern. The damage that these people can do will be well nigh impossible to undo.

  11. Gary the socialist
    Gary the socialist says:

    Hi Dave in EH. I leave my comments because I like (sort of that is) Jim's show.I feel it is wrong of you to as yet that I have seen leave a comment about the stories Jim is putting on which is what i try and do .I notice that you do not and I find this a bit of an insult to the work put in here and iI think that is when He put in the rules on comments because of us and that he was finding it insulting to him that we were useing his stories as a debate forum and not just leaving cute little statements like You go Jim, Your so right Jim,that Barrack is going to take my guns.Jim you so right those Dems are going to so tax my boss. If I see Mr. Vicehice put in that it is ok to use his comment section on the stories he posts as a forum then fine .Also as I said those are not my words they are those of Bill O'Reilly from the fox network when asked about him and his network trying to scare the popualition of America with fear and scare tactics when confronted with numorous clips trying to prove the qestioners qestion. As showed about this story of Jim's here being about terriousm and homeland terriousm I felt that the comments shown of Bill's and Fox is yet another form of terriousm possibale(?). I do apologive for being a little off topic with my comment.

  12. Barb
    Barb says:

    To datruth: I've read your comments on several subjects on this blog, and certainly, you're entitled to be a part. But could you please leave the nastiness, sarcasm and name-calling for when you're on one of your liberal blogs. Thanks.

  13. jim
    jim says:

    Gary wrote: "He put in the rules on comments because of us and that he was finding it insulting to him that we were useing his stories as a debate forum and not just leaving cute little statements like You go Jim, Your so right Jim,that Barrack is going to take my guns.Jim you so right those Dems are going to so tax my boss. "

    Gary you are pushing it. I put in the rules to cut the comments down to a manageable read. Please stop projecting. I made it clear at the time why I wanted the posts limited. They were in some cases getting longer than my posts. You, Gary, have never had a post blocked or edited. No one here hates you, everyone here has been more than happy to have you part of the forum.
    You want to comment be my guest, Want to take a shot at my economic or political theory… that's fine. If you want to post … start a blog … and leave the name calling to the HuffPo and Mr Kos. Thanks.

  14. Gary the socialist
    Gary the socialist says:

    I do aplogive of course but I do not think I have done any name calling and yes thank you for the blog.In fact I when putting in a comment said the exact same thing you just reprimended me for about the fact that I am willing and so are others about leaving comments here while someone else comes on here and makes remakes both against the comments and of a personel and demeaning way against those that like me so strongly disagree with you while never commenting on your story.I started to visionlize a swimmer jumping into a lake and a bunch of fish start to try and eat him.. I have never not felt love here and respect the fact that you let those of us who are as disgusted with your politics and far out extreamist views ,also those of Wtic to be able to offer somewhat of the other side. I believe Wtic has maybe in the neighbor hood of on most days 18 hours of right wing slant.I like Colin on the left but that does not in any way counter the far right slant of the stations other 18 hours a day of how bad and evil the dems and Mr . Obama is from all it's shows…Peace and Love to all.

  15. Dave in EH
    Dave in EH says:


    You put forth a thesis. I point out the obvious dichotomy in said thesis. You go on Castro-esque stem-winder, claiming victimhood and scuttle off behind Jim…

    I'd call it "ironic" if I thought it was deliberate.

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