Begining of the end? Obama international love fest over

I’m not saying that the international love fest for Obama is over, just that if the end was going to begin somewhere, it was probably going to start in Iran.

Some hardline demonstrators in Tehran got together in front of the Swiss Embassy early today in support of the people of Gaza – or was it in support of Hamas in Gaza… Not quite sure.

Iranian protesters back Gaza and burn Obama picture
TEHRAN (Reuters) – Dozens of Iranians burnt posters of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama in Tehran on Tuesday and waved Palestinian flags in support of Gaza, according to a witness and photographs.

Iranian demonstrators have often burnt effigies or pictures of U.S. presidents in protests. This appeared to be the first time Obama’s picture had been defaced so publicly, a week before his inauguration as president.

Iran has condemned the West, and the United States in particular, for not doing more to stop Israel’s attacks on Gaza. The 18-day-old offensive, which Israel says is to stop rockets being fired at it, has killed more than 900 Palestinians.

The report indicates “dozens” of protesters were involved – a small number – but my point is Obama will not be an immediate Saviour to the world. Terrorists will not give up. Extremism will live on.

Hamas – and other terror organizations – wanted Obama to win not because they were certain he would bring peace to the world, rather they had a hunch that it would be easier for them to terrorize the world with Obama in power instead of a hawk.

Either way, George W. Bush no longer seems to be the target, it’s Obama with a blood filled mouth, being burned and run over by ugly little cars in Iran today.

Update: Malkin writes

If someone burned a flag with Obama’s face on it in America, liberals would be demanding a hate crime prosecution.

But if it’s Hamas sympathizers burning Obama flags to protest Israel, well, they deserve our “empathy.”

The Reuters images at Yahoo! news are located here, but here are a few of fair use images.

fairuse-obama-iran4 fairuse-obama-iran2 fairuse-obama-iran1 fairuse-obama-iran3

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  1. Rick-WH
    Rick-WH says:

    I saw this online in the last hour or so and thought it would be great for the blog.

    So, the theory that the United States is hated by the rest of the world just because of Bush and Cheney.   WRONG!   The militant extremists don't care who is in charge here.  The Islamists want to destroy our country.

    I sure hope that Obama is up to the task.

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