Barry O and the Ten Commandments

Uh oh, Jim is talking about God again. Oh well. This week the young President turned to religious leaders to help push his health care plan (whichever one that is) to their respective flocks. Once again, we the critics are the sinners, and he, judge and jury.

Let’s set aside his stance on abortion and partial birth abortion (and his denial that his plan won’t fund abortions). He chose to invoke not just religion in his push for a political plan but then chose to invoke the 9th Commandment, admonishing his critics as “Bearing false witness.”

For a Christian, this is a serious offense and not to be taken lightly. Bearing false witness is more than lying. It is purposely twisting and falsifying the truth for personal gain among other things. It is a conscious act and a serious sin. Thus the charge carries much weight.

But there is little evidence that this is what his critics are doing. Quite the contrary. Critics, of his healthcare plan, including myself, have carefully read the bill (HR 3200) and our objections are based on careful analysis. Hardly bearing false witness. Thus the charge itself, if not true, and I believe it’s not, is ironically bearing false witness itself, although it is not for me to make such a charge and ultimately the Lord will be judge.

But I do find it disturbing that the young President, in front of religious leaders, was able to discover and recite the 9th Commandment while seemingly forgetting the 10th. He alone has led the charge against the rich, inciting a level of “class warfare” that  I have not seen in my lifetime, A battle against those he determines to be “the haves”, punish them for their success and redistribute in the name of “social justice”.

It is this attitude that has spilled over and into the open among so many in America. I have received calls from people who tell me they can’t afford insurance, or get a bank loan, or a charge card because CEO’s make too much money. The President with his demonization of CEOs and corporations doesn’t just contribute to this anger … he stokes it.

Perhaps it’s undersatandable then that the Preident would stop at number 9 … and take a pass on 10.


Mother Theresa, whom I love dearly, once was asked what does a poor person have to be thankful for. She reponded by saying everything we have is a gift from God. Therefore she said if the Lord gives you two arms, praise Him for the two. If He gives you one, praise Him for the one. From those who are given everything, much will be expected, but ultimately the Lord and the Lord alone will hold each one of us accoutntable. Can I hear an Amen.

God Bless you all and have and weekend.

PS: Here are all 10. I can assure you I have broken my share of these. Will likely do so again. Therefore … this is just for “handy” reference for us all.


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  1. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    God bless you, too Jim.  And thanks for posting the Ten Commandments, not many public figures have the courage to make faith a part of their work and everyday life.  There are many Scriptures (in both "Testaments") that link health and healing with keeping God's laws.  If we all adhered to the Ten Comandments we wouldn't need any health-care plans at all!

  2. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    When it comes to the 10 Commandments, and safe to say, President Obama forgot there is a 10th Commandment, against having wrongful desire for the property of others or creating an atmosphere for class envy and possible class warfare in this society which is just as important as the 8th Commandment against bearing false witness. You do not need to be a Bible scholar to know the importance of ALL the Commandments in order to keep a society just and peaceful.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Obama treats the Bible and the Ten Commandments much as he treats the Constitution: a document that he can use, abuse or ignore as the political situation demands.  Selective application of the precepts of these documents is one thing, but the subtle insinuation that he is god like is simply beyond the pale.

  4. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Dims, I agree. It seems as if God, religion and religious leaders are just being used for political expediency.  This has been going on since politics and organized religion existed, so Obama certainly isn't unusual in employing this political strategy.  However, as Jim mentioned, we are all accountable to a Higher Power, who will sort things out, and this life is short compared to eternity.

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