Balloon Boy Update – Sheriff Filing Charges Update: End of western civilization

Uh Oh … well can’t say I am surprised. The evidence we pointed out here seemed pretty overwhelming. But if it was a hoax, I can asssure you … this guy won’t go down without a fight. I promise.

The sheriff who said he believed a couple was being honest when they reported their son was set adrift on a homemade helium balloon now says criminal charges will be filed in the incident.

Also … look for the story to keep changing … subtle changes. The finale … will be if he eventually admits it or is charged. My guess is he will tell us it really wasn’t his fault, or his intention or something like that.

Just as a refresher … go here and watch the videos again. I think the real tipping point for me is when his kid threw up on the Today show and Dad keep on talking. These guys are too much.

UPDATE: Geraldo interviews defense attorney Mark Geragos. He pretty much sums up what we talked about Friday on the show. It’s not about the hoax … it’s about what we have become in America. ME! Maybe hyperbole … then again, it is Geraldo.


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  1. Reh Dogg
    Reh Dogg says:

    I knew it as well. Children generally tell the truth unless they are taught how to lie. So when Wolf asked the boy why he didn't come out when his parents were calling him he told the truth. This is a terrible lessen his parents are teaching him. And I hope that they pay a hefty fine and even have the child removed from them. Jim is absolutely right about our society. It's all about me,me,me. All about I,I,I. The authorities needs to come down hard on them so that others will think twice before doing such a stupid thing.

  2. donh
    donh says:

    I am proud the police had the descency to  formally admit they were had. I was concerned  the police were letting the family  get away with this hoax just to protect the department  embarassment. The police did an all round great job. I hope they look into the media too. The father was in negotiations for a TV show prior to the hoax . A network  media agent may have been collaborating with Mr. Heene prior to lift off to be sure he  got the best news  coverage and thereby hype a  show in contract. A+ work Jim. How you can get this story so right , be such a superb  judge of character on one hand, and on the other hand  face partisian critics who claim your judgement of political issues like  Obama,  healthcare, and the War  are completely wrong.

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