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Barney Frank now says he wants criminal charges laid against “the people who caused the country’s financial meltdown.” I’m guessing that Barney gets his shaves in a barber shop… he certainly doesn’t look much at the man in the mirror. From CNBC… Earlier in the day, Frank, who is chairman of the U.S. House Financial […]

One good turns deserves… um… (Updated: Caption this!)

Have you ever gone out and looked for a gift, searching high and low for exactly the right gift for someone, only to receive socks in exchange? Gordon Brown feels you pain. From the UK Daily Mail: “He had put clearly great thought into giving the U.S. President lavish gifts to signify Britain’s ‘special relationship’ […]

Did someone say “transparency?”

In the words of Inigo Montoya, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means…”  From Fox News: Cameras have been banned from Vice President Biden’s address to AFL-CIO leaders in Miami Thursday. The vice president’s office said Thursday it is honoring the wishes of the union to […]

Getting heat on global warming

Rarely does an ombudsman column rate blogging.  This one, by Andrew Alexander of the Washington Post, does. The short form: “Will’s Feb. 15 column, headlined “Dark Green Doomsayers,” ridiculed “eco-pessimists” and cited a string of “predicted planetary calamities” that Will said have never come to pass. A key paragraph, aimed at those who believe in […]

Big Three? Maybe not …

Today, the external auditors for General Motors expressed their concerns over the viability of one of the three US car-makers: “Auditors for General Motors today said there is “substantial doubt” that the struggling automaker will remain financially viable and able to continue operating, raising doubts about whether the company will have to declare bankruptcy or […]

The only sales the Obama administration are stimulating…

… are at the gun store. Talk of a possible ban on assault weapons has dealers and buyers scrambling. A few days after Attorney General Eric Holder mentioned that the Obama administration would like to make some gun-related changes, including reinstituting a ban on the sale of certain types of assault weapons, local gun dealers […]

Loose talk sink stocks

During WW2, there were whole informational campaigns warning against the consequences of loose talk. “Loose Lips Sink Ships” is, perhaps, the most famous, but there were others. Today, we need to update this campaign to educate our legislators — Loose Talk Sink Stocks.  Our senators especially could benefit from such a campaign. Charles Schumer started […]

Heads we lose, Tails they win…

GM has unveiled at least two portions of their recovery plan, submitted to and funded by the First, the bad news… “General Motors Corp. will cut 10,000 jobs, or 14% of its salaried work force, this year as the auto maker struggles to cope with a steep drop in world-wide vehicle sales. The job cuts […]

The other (baby) shoe drops…

The California octuplet story takes yet another twisted twist…  From the UK Times. THE single mother of octuplets born in California last week is seeking $2m (£1.37m) from media interviews and commercial sponsorship to help pay the cost of raising the children. Nadya Suleman, 33, plans a career as a television childcare expert after it […]

Does that make yesterday the “Sermon on the Mount?”

Apparently, there is a great deal of confusion in this country. Yesterday, we inaugurated a President… although to hear some tell the tale, we anointed a saint, at a bare minimum.  In the words of Don King: ““I would say that he would be Joshua going across to the Promised Land,” King told CNSNews.com. “Martin […]