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Yet another EPA smackdown

We did a post 18 months ago about the EPA’s requirement that refiners blend a specific amount of celluosic ethanol into gasoline.  If they didn’t blend the required amount, the refiners could obtain a “waiver” by paying the federal government $1.13 for every gallon of celluosic ethanol they didn’t consume.

Yet another task force

In the wake of the horrific slaughter of innocent people in Newtown, Connecticut, President Obama has appointed Vice President Biden to study what can be done to prevent this type of tragedy from happening again.

What will Costas say tonight?

Last Sunday evening during halftime, NBC football analyst, Bob Costas, commented on the tragedy in Kansas City where a Chiefs’ football player killed his girlfriend and then killed himself with a firearm.  He used this tragedy to advocate gun control.  He left me with the impression that if we just banned guns in this country (or, […]