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Rush ain’t got nuttin on Bill Maher

It’s no wonder Maher defended Rush on twitter. I will fiercely defend free speech, although i do believe any person of character has some boundaries. the words used by Rush pale in comparison to Maher’s rants about Palin, even Hillary. but it’s not so much what Maher says as the hypocrisy of the left’s politicians.

If the infant Christ was God why couldn’t he speak?

Generally I spend my afternoons sleeping, or you can probably understand,   praying. All running through the Internet I came across this fabulous column@the Patheos.com website, under the Patheos Catholic section. The author, Marc, does a beautiful job not just explaining the answer to that question but the majesty and the glory of what really […]

The Christmas story as told by children

Merry Christmas to all of you from the radio vice online bloggers. I thought I would give you an early Christmas present. Abig hat tip to Deacon Greg Kandra who posted this a couple weeks ago on the Patheos.com website. It really  is a great video and  it’s well worth the watch, and is really […]

Newt Gingrich stumbles: is it fatal?

A couple of days ago it was Romney with the $10,000 bet, this morning it’s Newt Gingrich trying to explain why he used a liberal attack on Romney. No, not that Romney was a liberal, I mean Newt Gingrich sounded like a liberal himself. And Charles Krauthammer last night took him to task.

Obama plays the OBL card … again

Ya know. I don’t evah remember W crowing about disarming Libya, capturing and killing all major AQ leaders in Iraq, capturing SH, thwarting more than a dozen domestic terror plots, including one aimed at LA and the Brooklyn Bridge. I also don’t remember W apologizing for America’s foreign policy, or needing to reset anything with […]