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Are we heading for an Øbama illegal alien trifecta?

Fox News seems to have been the first (and maybe only?) news organization to report that the Øbama regime intends to close nine Border Patrol stations across four states.  Nobody except mouthpieces for the administration is pleased with this move.  Pleas to the Border Patrol chief and the Dept. of Homeland “Security” by Border Patrol […]

Responsibility for the middle class wealth crash

If you’ve been here a while, you may recall that I posted an article called “Responsibility for the national debt part deux: control of the purse strings of Congress is the real determinant”, which demonstrated that the truest indicator for the economic health of the country is which party is in control of Congress.  It […]

In vitro babies denied U.S. citizenship

USA Today posted a recent story titled “In vitro babies denied U.S. citizenship” in which it was reported a woman who went to Isreal for a successful in vitro fertilization procedure was informed by an embassy staffer her children were ineligible for American citizenship: An embassy staffer wanted to know whether Lavi got pregnant at a […]