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Bruce Twambly

A liberal trifecta – climate change, stem cells and not drilling for oil

By Bruce / April 19, 2009 /

Many people look on Monday with dread and gloom, but for the next couple of years I think I need to replace T.G.I.F. with D.G.I.F. – “Dear God,  it’s Friday.”   This afternoon while driving down the street on a quick errand, I was treated to the following three stories on WTIC: 1) EPA Takes First…

The right thing or the smart thing

By Bruce / March 18, 2009 /

I have long since given up on looking to Hollywood for moral lessons that I feel are relevant to my life or even reflect what I consider America to be. I do not need to be endlessly reminded of the racial prejudice laced throughout pre-civil rights America. I do not need to see another TV…

State Legislature sets sights on Roman Catholic Church – Update

By Bruce / March 8, 2009 /

Well, it seems as if President Obama isn’t the only one who wants to reshape our institutions in new and “progressive” ways.  The Judiciary Committee of the CT General Assembly will hold a public hearing on March 11 at noon in Room 2C of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford concerning Raised S.B. number 1098.…

An appeal to Obama supporters

By Bruce / October 22, 2008 /

Now that we are at the eve of the presidential election, the magnitude of this moment looms large over us all. As a conservative I have watched in awe and horror at the scope of the liberal propaganda machine in this country. Obama’s $618 million fund raising, shadowy support from wealthy liberal donors, true-believers in…