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Slavery and that Dubious Notion of White Guilt

In the Boston Globe, Foon Rhee recounts that Ralph Nader – independent candidate for president – told the Rocky Mountain News that Obama is trying to “talk white” and to appeal to “white guilt.” White guilt. That’s a phrase used sparingly by the media, but is de rigueur for inclusion in any spoken or written […]

Obsessions of Another Kind

In the Boston Globe June 24, H.D.S Greenway writes Obsessing About Iran, in which he refers to the Bush White House as “…talking itself into attacking Iran”, Robert Gates at Defense as “…not the attack dog that”…”Donald Rumsfeld was”, Dick Cheney as “…our supernationalist vice president” and president Bush as retaining “…his messianic streak”. The […]

$4 Gas – Who Hurts, Who Wins?

The buyers are hurting you’d say, and you’d be right. But oddly enough so are many of the sellers. Yep, the gas station owners. Some are hurting to the point of going out of business. The why of this, revolves around a business model that sets it’s profit in cents per gallon (about 8 to […]