Austin suicide pilot equal-opportunity basher, not TEA Party marter

He also seems mentally ill, and that serious specific seems almost completely ignored. When someone breaks like this, it is very sad and I fell terrible for the family and those hurt in the tragedy. It has little to do with how Obama is running the country, how Bush ran it, or TEA Party “rhetoric.”

Sure, his experiences with the IRS may have been a contributing factor, just like gravity, speed and access to the aircraf was a contributing factor, but the extreme hate mongers on the left can not seem to miss the opportunity to blame tragedy on the TEA Party, Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh these days.

You realize that makes you look like fools right?

And I’ll say the same thing about “crazy” people on the extreme right that blame the socialism-infected academia on Amy Bishop’s shooting spree last week at the University of Alabama. She too, seems mentally ill to me.

Why let a good crisis go to waste indeed.

Michelle Malkin’s column this week goes into the specifics of blame, and how the left seems willing to take one sentence, one act or one association and immediately use that to blame conservatives who simply want the federal government to step back, reduce spending, reduce the tax burden and support and defend the United States Constitution.

TEA Party members on the street may not be the best at articulating their position – and I’ve offered my suggestions in the past – but what it comes down to is they want the power that has been incrementally taken from the states and the people, returned to the states and the people.

It’s not all that much to ask. The lefties can ignore the issue, but with hope and change, maybe Congress will wake up.

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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Sadly, with the help of the MSM, the Tea Party movement, which would not surprise me, will get this accusation pinned on the movement itself for making this incident happen. Look for the word "terrorism" to become part of the accusations made against the Tea Party movement.

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