Attendees Fainting at Obama Rallies

We have not posted too much about the Democrat candidates for president, but something I heard near the end of Jim Vicevich’s Sound off Connecticut show on WTIC AM this morning made me laugh.

It seems as though the ladies are fainting as they cry and laugh with Obama at rallies across the country. Ladies are dropping in Seattle, Hartford, Kansas, Los Angeles, Wisconsin, and Dartmouth, N.H.

They seem to be fainting close enough to the stage for Obama to reach for some water and hand it to the crowd to provide some assistance. This is happening over and over. The faintee is always close to the stage and Obama seems to react the same way.

The phenomenon is not just limited to Obama rallies it seems. Clinton attendees are dropping in New York, St. Louis, Arizona, and Missouri. She’s ready with the water too.

I’m quite certain that folks are fainting at McCain and Huckabee events, but Google huckabee fainting and then mccain fainting and you don’t get too much other than references to the Democrat rallies above. I found the links above by searching for clinton fainting and obama fainting.

I’m not making light of these events, some of the attendees need to wait hours in line in the cold before they are crammed into auditoriums where it can get quite warm as they wait for the candidates. I just find the comparisons between R and D candidates pretty interesting. Maybe it’s global warming?

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  1. iagotello
    iagotello says:

    of course, you're a republican. the most exciting concert you've ever been to is pat boone. did it ever occur to you that the reason people faint at the front is because THEY'RE AT THE FRONT. when you've been standing still, packed in like sardines for hours, the blood doesn't flow as easily. there's no room and it's f-ing hot. you don't faint standing in the back cause you can move around and get air. i posted this video because the girl fainted on me. people seem to think these are plants. trust me, the girl was talking on her cell phone the whole time. it was nice to actually be able to hear what he was saying when they took her away. and, yes, i hope she's alright… and i support our troops

  2. Steve M
    Steve M says:

    Did you read the last two paragraphs? I'm thinking that you may have not gotten my point, but that's okay.

    And by the way, I've been to some pretty rockin' concerts in my life, including AC/DC, Springsteen, Journey and I even crewed for Southside Johnny for a gig in D.C.

    Oh, and thank you for posting.

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