At last … the paid protestors they were looking for

Redstate found this one and I for one am relieved. Finally those paid protesters … those hacks of “The man” … those … Democrats? Red State has it all and more.

So I received an email/comment this morning about a Craigslist ad soliciting health care activism for money. “Activism for money,” I thought!! Was this it at last? The missing link Democrats have been searching for? Obamacare opponents turning up at town halls really are a mob?


If you don’t have the time … it’s a Craigslist ad from the lefty … here’s a portion. Click to enlarge:

Craigslist add

More? Sure there’s more … go to Red State. You see folks, if they accuse the right of something … it means they intend on doing it themselves. Hope and Change!

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