Arizona immigration and advice to the Tea Parties

This is a show you will not want to miss. Thursday, April 29th (tomorrow or today depending on when you read this), two great guests and your phone calls. Arizona Representative John Kavanagh on the state’s new illegal immigration law and then John Samples from Cato on advice to Tea Party folks, “Don’t get too cozy with either party.” More after the fold on both men, plus CATO video.

At 10 a.m. ET we will be joined by Arizona Representative John Kavanagh (R) to get the truth on the state’s new illegal immigration law. Here’s a piece from his column in this morning’s USA Today

The sad fact is that the Bush administration dropped the ball on immigration enforcement and that the Obama administration cannot even find it. The primary responsibility of government is to protect its citizens, and illegal immigration poses a growing threat to safety. Until such time as the federal government secures the border and adequately enforces immigration laws internally, Arizona and other states will have no choice but to protect their citizens.

There’s been a lot of misinformation from the left on this law and Rep. Kavanagh will set it straight. Including the incorporation of a 50 year old law enforcement tool called “stop and question”.

At 11 a.m. ET: Then we will be joined by John Samples, the author of The Struggle to Limit Government from Cato. He has produced a video that Tea Party members must see. Remember, Republicans are not always your friends.


Big hat tip on this interview to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. And he has an interesting take on the video:

Essentially, these are the five lessons Samples wants to communicate:

  1. Republicans aren’t always your friends.
  2. Some tea partiers like big government.
  3. Democrats aren’t always your enemies.
  4. Smaller government demands restraint abroad.
  5. Leave social issues to the states.

Items 1 and 5 will probably get very little dispute from Tea Partiers, but the other three are open for debate.  I’d agree that Tea Partiers may not all be solid libertarians — which I’m not, either — but the movement itself is based on more limited government.  I don’t think it’s accurate to say that some Tea Partiers “like” big government; it’s more like some aren’t enthusiastic about dismantling as much of the federal government as others, especially the more doctrinaire libertarians.

We’ll get your take too.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    Jim I saw Kavanagh on Gretta speak about Bush dropping the ball and Obama not even finding the ball. Great interview and thanks for capturing the quote here. Note how Jeb Bush takes the lead as Republican critic along with Carl Rove. I like Carl, but he reminds me of my uncle Bob, in the family but just something a little bit off about him. It really shows on the immigration issue. America has come to realize a great deal of disappointment regarding the Bush Clinton NAFTA deal. We got free trade with Mexico, but unfortunately it is a free trade in slaves and drugs. NAFTA is an example of the one party rule forced upon us by government in the Post Reagan era. The sudden rise in popularity of Gov Brewer shows how large a group of americans is not being represented in DC. There are big opportunities for Politicians willing to confront this issue in a way that favors the common american citizens  of the private sector.

  2. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Jim, saw Greta interview the Governor, Jan Brewer. She sounded like a gusty and heroic woman! :)=^..^=

  3. winnifredthewoebegon
    winnifredthewoebegon says:

    Oh, Jim…will so totally be there!  Tell him that Winni says thank you for those of us who have had family members murdered by illegal immigrants and no justice.

    You're the best for continuing to follow this.  Win

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