Are We Headed Toward Socialism?

Joe (the plumber) has opened a can of worms. Shep Smith at Fox asked the question and not just as a rhetorical exercise either. It’s a simple question put to Fox Business Channel’s Brian Sullivan, who breaks it down quite nicely I think. “I wonder what the model is we are going toward. It’s not capitalism is it?”.


More video below the fold.

Of course its the flaw in the socialistic system. Rich in New York Metro area is not the same as rich in Kansas or Ohio. But that’s not important to a socialist. It’s not so much about giving tax breaks to the middle class or you would adjust for cost of living. It’s about setting a ceiling on pay. someday your pay, in the name of equality. And of course explains why the very rich never suffer under socialism and how those in the middle class are doomed to a lifetime in the middle class. Think I am wrong? Listen to Malia Lazu explain why its ok to tax the upper class.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Lazu is a socialist. "On the backs of the working poor" is just code for "exploiting the masses."

    If a guy sells a product that people want to buy, and he gets rich doing it, how is he exploiting them?

    Tax redistribution is exploiting the rich, I guess.

  2. Troy
    Troy says:

    She said one thing right. The rich should give back, but not at the end of the proverbial shotgun. Who is she–or anyone else–to tell an employer what benefits to give or how to spend their money? There are plenty of charity groups out there that need money, and there is plenty of room for more. These groups could teach other people how to become rich or at least richer than they are (and I don't mean the guys with the 2AM half-hour advertisements) and that would elevate people out of the poor status. Without government doing anything, which is the part that kills the libs. And plenty of rich people do give to charities, start educational and other assistance programs, and other things.

    The government is supposed to take care of "us". That's "our" job.

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