Another liberal who has not read the Arizona illegal immigration law

This is just too much. How a wizard of smart can appear on a Sunday Morning Talk show to talk about illegal immigration and not have read the law. I love Kirsten Powers because she is generally pragmatic, but clearly when you get into a smack down with Brit Hume, you had better know your stuff. Or, in this case, did she know her stuff but rather exposed her bias?Once again the question on the Sunday morning talk show, Fox News Sunday, concerned immigration. Brit Hume had just finished making the point (correctly) that the Federal Immigration Law is tougher than the Arizona law since the Arizona bill specifically states that an immigration check can only come in the context of first, a legal violation and then only if reasonable suspicion exists that the person being queried is in the US illegally. Race may not be a factor. That is not the case with the Federal statute which you can read here.

But Kirsten runs headlong into the lefty line that this nonetheless will lead to racial profiling and discrimination against brown people, yada, yada, etc, etc and Brit’s head explodes. My favorite part is toward the end where Kirsten leans on the old … we all know what cops are like line. Take note you police officers. This is what the left really thinks of you.


Kinda reminds me of The One, when he said the Police acted stupidly, doesn’t it? Ahh lefties, they always tell you who they are.


Interestingly, it appears Arizona’s bill is the same as California’s illegal immigration bill. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the Los Dodgers? Where’s the Los Lakers? Oh the humanity. Maybe Arizona should boycott LA?

Unless Whitman plans on rolling tanks up and down the joint border with Mexico, which would arguably be an even bigger intrusion on federal responsibilities, “enforcement” has to include checking the status of people detained by the police for other purposes when they are suspected of not being in the country legally. Which, by the way, is how California’s penal code reads now.  As Kerry Picket noted a week agoSection 834b of the Penal Code puts California law enforcement in exactly the same position as their Arizona brethren:

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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    It is bad enough when a person who is a politico comes to admit that he or she did not read the Arizona state law in regards to dealing with illegal aliens. But when it is someone like Kirsten Powers of FoxNews who does not even bother to take the time to read this bill, and knowing what the law describes about dealing with illegal aliens simply shows she has not done her homework.

  2. Delta
    Delta says:

    Of all the traffic stops I have been pulled over for, two of them wound up serving me a ticket and fine for something other than the intended reason for pulling me over. Cops do this all of the time, and most of the time, they are pulling you over for something, run your name through the system, and find out something else you may or may not have been aware of. If cops out there pull a hispanic man over for running a red light and he fails to produce a legal form of ID, he is illegal. Racism exists only in the minds of people who continue to feel they are entitled to the benefits that come with being a "special minority" in the eyes of our liberal government, there are plenty of folks in America of all races who get along just fine with everyone else.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Here is the bottom line in Kirsten Powers' criticism of the Arizona bill: She, and other liberals, simply do not trust the police to do their job.  And by extrapolation, the conservatives do.  Why else would she assume that the weak link in the bill's enforcement is the "arbitrary" enforcement (profiling to her) by those same police.


    The only person not doing his job is the director of ICE, who said that they will not (or may not; what we call a "weasel word" in science) deport those picked up by the Arizona police.


    Liberals always side with the criminals.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      When  will the lefties learn that immigration enforcement is not a matter of racism; it is a matter of proximity.  It just happens that 80% of illegals are Mexican or Central/South American because they can do it easily.  If we bordered China, or India, or Poland or Ireland, the story would be the same.


      It's not that you are Mexican; it's that you are uninvited.

    • FigPucker
      FigPucker says:

      "She, and other liberals, simply do not trust the police to do their job."


      Imagine the hypocrisy in that lack of trust, too. In one breath they tell us cops cannot be trusted to protect the citizens, and in the next they tell us that we, as citizens, cannot be trusted with gun ownership, because "the police are all the protection we'll ever need".


      Here's your cake, what do you mean you want to eat it too?

  4. dboon
    dboon says:

    Being a legal immigrant myself (greencard) we know before we come to America that if you work really really really hard at it and behave and have your paperwork in perfect order at ALL times you have a chance to be a citizen of this wonderful country one day. EVERYBODY abroad that gives it a shot to come here knows that.

    In an article in one of the European newspapers a couple of years ago I read that Europe with his liberal laws attracts a different type of immigrant than America. Europe attracts an immigrant that is looking for a free ride, a handout because that is the image that several western European countries have. America attracts immigrants that really want to work and improve their lives that way. They want to learn the language and culture because that is the way to get a good job!! They are willing to jump through hoops to be here and to stay here! This is EXACTLY what my husband and I and many of our foreign friends KNOW is TRUE.

    When I heard Obama and the democrats opinion about the Arizona law I was stunned! They could not have been more wrong about America and it's standpoint and about the opinions that the LEGAL immigrants have. You think they would want anybody to get a free ride considering how hard we had to work for it. It is so dangerous what he is doing and so unfair to us. Racial profiling: give me a break. For example: when we lived in Brasil we had to show our papers all the time to the police. No problem: they were in perfect order. We have nothing to hide.

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