An appeal to Obama supporters

Now that we are at the eve of the presidential election, the magnitude of this moment looms large over us all. As a conservative I have watched in awe and horror at the scope of the liberal propaganda machine in this country. Obama’s $618 million fund raising, shadowy support from wealthy liberal donors, true-believers in Hollywood, a Democrat party devoid of any sense of honor and fair-play and a mainstream media that has laid bare any pretense of objectivity appears to be too formidable a force to overcome in the final weeks of this campaign.

The Republican Party, the defenders against the liberal/socialist onslaught that we now face, have largely failed in recent years to demonstrate to the public how the propaganda machine works and how destructive it is to our freedom. Rather they accept their opponent’s false premises, draw thin moral equivalences and when scandal is “exposed” by the media machine, they sacrifice their own to minimize the damage. What they have failed to acknowledge is that we are and have been participants in an ideological war. And like most wars, this is one that must be fought to ensure and preserve freedom.

Benjamin Franklin is often accredited with the quote “Never argue with a man who buys his ink by the barrel.” It is no wonder that the Constitution’s first amendment attempts to ensure the freedom of the press. I am always amazed at the humility and wisdom of our founders to recognize power and protect against its corruption. Franklin, a publisher himself, could have fought against the First Amendment to solidify his own position as an influential man of his time. Franklin, like Washington, when given the opportunity to seize and hold power, chose to relinquish it to protect our freedom.

So let me be clear about what we are fighting. Socialism is not American, by definition. Those promoting and defending Socialism may be Americans, but it is not American. Our founding fathers knew that too much power in the hands of the government would eventually destroy the freedom and liberty for which they sacrificed so much. The ability to work hard and reap the benefits of that effort is what has, up until now, been responsible for the greatness of this country. It can be harsh, it may be uncertain, some may claim it is unfair, but it is free. To quote Franklin again, “Those that would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

I have faith that the American spirit will prevail if given a chance. But time is short and the details of the major issues of our time are too deep to penetrate with an unwilling press and only a few days remaining. So I have one last request that I hope all Americans planning to vote for Sen. Obama will consider before entering the polls on November 4th.

Ask yourself, “Why am I voting for Obama? Am I voting for Obama to make myself feel better or for the betterment of the country?” And if you truly believe that Obama’s big government, centrally planned vision of this country is better for everyone, how is it that Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Hamilton and Lincoln got it so wrong?

To quote another American president John F. Kennedy, “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” Liberal politicians have often used this quote to sacrifice your income for higher taxes. But I will ask for a different sacrifice. Before casting your vote this year, sacrifice your ego, sacrifice your anger, sacrifice your certainty that you know what’s best and ask “Will my children and grandchildren enjoy the freedoms of this country or will I let it slip away?”

{Note: This post authored by Conservative247 contributor Bruce}

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