Afterburner: How progressives and the left warp the meaning of the Constitution

I can’t remember if we highlighted this video from Bill Whittle’s Afterburner on how the left has manipulated and twisted the meaning of the U.S. Constitution over the years, but in my opinion it’s one of the best of the year from the franchise, and deserves a repeat if I already posted.

Maybe you’d like to argue some of Whittle’s points? If so, give it a shot in the comments section. This is it. This is directly tied to the disease itself … not just the symptoms.


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  1. JBS
    JBS says:

    The Left will so and say anything that furthers their agenda.?
    Real Progressives, read that as Socialists, want to replace the Constitution with the United Nations Charter. They see the United States as an anachronistic nation blocking the glories of One World United with all people, except themselves (they are of the elite), of course, having exactly his or her citizen’s share.
    Sustainable development, anyone?
    And, we conservatives, libertarians, and right thinkers, know that there is no governmental system better than what we have now. It is a mystery to me why Liberals, Dems, want to go the route of Socialism/Communism? But, we have a president who is herding this country straight towards the gaping maw of Marxism. It’s no coincidence that he appoints so many Czars.

      • JBS
        JBS says:

        Just something that Bush (41) signed us up for in 1992, if I am remembering correctly. There is a conference next year to discuss implementation of those ’92 goals. (They are ten year conferences, thus the second to discuss what should be the goals for the next ten years.) True, it is not a conspiracy, it is all out in the open, though few people even know about it. It’s like an open secret with very wide-ranging implications.

  2. Shared Sacrifice
    Shared Sacrifice says:

    The pendulum has been swinging left for over a 100 years and seems to be gaining speed…? Anyone I know from a communist country sees exactly where the USSA is headed, but I’m afraid Americans won’t see where we’re going until it’s too late.

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