Adopt! Update: Gallup 51% ProLife

Another great video from Respect life … imagine the potential.

Update 1: A Gallup poll has just been released and deserves mention here. Via Powerlineblog.

In a survey published today, Gallup finds that more Americans now consider themselves “pro-life” than “pro-choice,” by a 51 percent-42 percent margin …

Gallup says this trend has been documented in multiple surveys. Interestingly, the shift is all among Republicans and Republican-leaners. Democrats and Democrat-leaners continue to be “pro-choice” in the same numbers.

Go to Powerline and take a look at the chart. Now for that video.


As a side note. One of my very best friends, Sgt Melissa Weaver, reminds me often why she is so glad her birth mother respected life … she too is adopted, by one of the most wonderful couples I have ever known. The Sgt. served in Iraq at the beginning of the war, ran patrols with other members of the 143rd considered so dangerous regular Army gladly turned them over to them. Part of a military unit that helped develop safer ways to patrol city streets.

For want of that nail … who knows? Imagine the potential.

Update 2: The good news is spreading. Not by fiat, not by law, not by politicians trolling for votes on one side or the other, but because of the grass roots effort to help people understand that we are talking about respect for life … from its natural beginning to its natural conclusion. No court, no law, no legislature will ever stop abortion. Ever. But open hearts will every time.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Now you know why they can never put this to a vote or a referendum, but rather, rely on sympathetic (empathic?) judges to decide for us.  The same thing happened here in Massachusetts with same sex marriage: they didn't dare put it to a vote, because it would have lost in a landslide (see the last election in California).

    It is also another reason that conservatives and libertarians should never give up hope.

  2. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    This recent Gallup poll survey points out as proof that when efforts are grassroots, one person at a time, the chances for sucess on a national level is better.

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